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USCIS Translation Services: Your
Citizenship and Immigration Guide

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Get your Documents USCIS Certified and Translated

Translating for the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is easy with Rapid Translate. Simply upload your document and get it completed by professional translators. We can translate your documents into English or over 60+ other languages quickly and affordably. Our turnaround time is typically within 24 hours for 1-3 page documents.

When applying to the USCIS for a purpose such as immigration, you have to submit various legal documents. These include a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, etc. If these documents are in a foreign language, you must send them with an English translation. Translating documents is high risk as there is a wide margin of error. Therefore, the US government doesn’t advise self-translated documents.

Our USCIS-certified translation services provide you with a professional translator. A translator that offers a USCIS-certified English translation that fulfills all criteria and ensures acceptance. Rapid Translate provides this service 100% online.

We translate documents into English from any language, including Russian, German, Greek, French, Hindi, Italian, and many more. We certify and authorize all of our document translations. They are suitable for use in US immigration and visa purposes. We're so confident in our translations that we offer a 100% guarantee of USCIS approval.

Rapid Translate is a one-stop shop for all of your document translation needs.

Rapid Translate Pricing

We understand. Applying for a visa is expensive. In fact, you'll probably need more documents translated for the immigration and visa process. That's why we insist on being affordable always. Our USCIS translation prices are at the low price of $27.99 per page . Rely on Rapid Translate for all of your translation needs.

$27.99 Per page
  • 100% USCIS Acceptance Guarantee
  • USCIS Documents Translated Within 24 Hours
  • Certified by a Professional Translator

USCIS Frequently Asked Questions

The code states, “Any document containing foreign language submitted to USCIS shall be accompanied by a full English language translation which the translator has certified as complete and accurate, and by the translator's certification that he or she is competent to translate from the foreign language into English.” In other words, the USCIS requires a certified English translation of all foreign documents submitted to them. These documents may include, but not limited to, the following:
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Passports
  • Drivers licenses
  • Divorce certificates
  • Academic transcripts
Certified translation for USCIS requirements is tough to achieve. That’s why we recommend working with a professional and legal translator like the ones at Rapid Translate. Some companies may advertise certified immigration translators. However, your translator doesn't need to be an immigration expert.

Uncertified translations may fail to comply with the regulations of institutions such as the USCIS. This can mean rejected visas, slow application processes, and background checks.

Rapid Translate provides 100% acceptance-rate English translations. We translate from over 60 languages, including German, French, Hindi, Hebrew, and more.

Many services can provide USCIS-certified translations. At various stages through the immigration application process, you may need an original document or certified USCIS translations. You must use a professional translator to get legal, complete and accurate translations. One who can guarantee satisfaction of USCIS-certified translation requirements.

With Rapid Translate, the USCIS-certified translation cost is $27.99 per page. Simply upload your original foreign language documents. You will typically receive a certified USCIS document translation within 1-3 days. We guarantee our translated documents meet all US Citizenship & Immigration Services standards.

The USCIS is uncompromising when it comes to English translation standards. If you submit legal documents with translation errors, they might deny your immigration application. Or you may have to submit a request for evidence. Common reasons for immigration or visa application rejections include:
  • Minor or major inaccuracies in the translation of immigration documents.
  • Problems in formatting the document, indicating inauthenticity.
  • Absence of a signed and stamped certificate or declaration from a certified translator.
  • An incompetent translator unable to translate legal documents.
  • In response to the request for evidence, you must re-submit a document satisfactorily.
Working with a professional and certified translation company like Rapid Translate helps ensure a 100% acceptance rate.

You generally have two options to obtain a certificate of translation. First, you can go to local, certified translators with an original copy of your own documents. Then, have your documents certified there. If you need notarization, you must go to a public notary in your city. Afterward, you usually have to scan and upload them as an electronic PDF file.

Or, you can use a translation agency Rapid Translate. Our service provides you with an official translation in PDF format within 24 hours for up to 3 pages.

Rapid Translate translations are globally accepted by multiple organizations, including the following:
  • Universities
  • The Department of State
  • Local authorities
We keep your documents secure at all stages and only work with professional translators to ensure 100% satisfaction.

The USCIS does not necessarily require notarization but may do so, depending on your circumstances. Generally speaking, you don't need notarization if you submit a document for USCIS processing inside US borders. However, you need notarization if you submit translated documents for USCIS to a US embassy outside the country.

A government-authorized notary stamps a notarized translation as an “official witness.” Notarization adds an extra level of security, sometimes required by government institutions. The notarization step also ensures that the translator is who they say they are. Think of it as a certification document.

Legally, a notary can notarize a document in a foreign language but might not do so to avoid legal liability. To be safe, it is best to have your document professionally translated beforehand by a professional organization like Rapid Translate.
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With Rapid Translate, you no longer need to rely on a family member or Google Translate. Instead, our certified translation service ensures your documents meet all USCIS standards and federal regulations. We can translate any documents, from birth and death certificates to immigration paperwork and everything in between. We guarantee your translated document is 100% accurate and error-free. When it comes to your most important documents, leave it to the professional translators at Rapid Translate.

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