How To Hire a Translator: Helpful Tips and Tricks

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Jul 08, 2024 | 8 min read

Chances are you’ve never needed the services of a translator before. Perhaps you’ve found the process challenging now that you’re looking for one. Well, people work with these professionals for multiple different reasons. Different helpful ways exist if you’re wondering how to hire a translator. 

Online translation companies offer excellent ways to connect with professionals and get services. But besides that, you can also hire freelance translators from freelancer platforms. Consider getting recommendations from other professionals. 

If you need a translator, this blog post is for you! 

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How To Find a Translator for Your Projects

You can find a translator in many different ways depending on your preferences and available options. Some tasks require quick services from freelancers. Still, you can opt for physical or online agencies in some cases. 

Here are the four most effective ways of finding a professional for your translation projects.

1. Hire a Freelance Translator From a Reputable Platform

You may need urgent translations, and your usual translator does not offer speedy services. In this case, the best option is to hire a freelance translator from a reputable freelancer platform. 

Websites like Upwork and Fiverr help get in touch with freelance translators. One good thing about hiring freelancers is the flexibility you can get. This flexibility comes from the systems in which the platforms operate. 

For instance, you can always create your job postings with the specifications and requirements you need. This feature allows you to filter hundreds of translators and attract those who can complete your desired translation task. 

In the same way, you can also include the necessary additions while having a degree of control over the pricing. Since many freelancers bid for these tasks, you can also consider their multiple proposals before hiring one that best fits. 

Since professional translators from freelancer platforms work remotely, completing tasks becomes more convenient. Maintaining direct communication with them also means collaborating to create quality translations on the go.

2. Hire Online Translation Agencies 

Online translation companies are one of the most popular and effective options. These agencies are effective because they typically offer multiple language options by working with native speakers. 

For instance, an online translation agency usually works with translators worldwide, offering services in their native language. These translators, who are mostly on standby, are always available to take on tasks if an order comes in. 

For this reason, most online translation companies translate your documents no matter the language pair. Still, you must be careful to ensure that the company you’re working with is legitimate and offers accurate services. 

A quick Google search of online translation agencies will draw tons of results. But before hiring, you should consider a live call to confirm that you’re working with a qualified translator. Also, consider checking for each agency’s customer reviews before hiring. 

Going for reputable and trusted names in the industry is always a better option. In this case, you can ask for recommendations from people who have worked with them. This way, you can further confirm their authenticity.

Since these translation agencies work online exclusively, they usually have standard websites to support their operations. This feature makes it easier to send and receive translation orders. In the same way, there is a higher document and payment security.

3. Hiring Physical Translation Companies

People sometimes prefer to work with nearby translation companies with physical offices for their projects. This could be to monitor the translation tasks more closely to minimize errors. Although you may not always find agencies near your location, it is still a valid option if available. 

Most physical translation companies also offer mail-in options if this is the case. Here, you can send copies of the documents you wish to translate instead of traveling long distances to deliver them. Still, you can keep up with the translation as it progresses.

Physical translation companies are useful for urgent tasks. If there is one in your city, you can simply drive by and hand-deliver the document. This is quite time-efficient compared to sending an order online and waiting endlessly for a response.

In reality, physical translation companies may be limited. This is because they may not always cover the target language you’re looking for. Since their resources are sometimes limited to their location, their language options can be unnecessarily slimmer.

4. Find Translators on the ATA Directory

The American Translators Association (ATA) has created a directory on the association’s website that helps people access translation services. The directory contains over 7,000 individuals and agencies offering translation services.

You can visit the ATA directory and search for suitable translators based on their names, locations, and language pairs. These search parameters allow you to discover reliable professionals for your tasks.

Since the association only lists certified individuals and companies, you can always be sure of the translator’s qualifications. You can also check their educational qualifications on the website before hiring.

Here are five steps for hiring a translator on the ATA directory:

  1. Visit the ATA website on your computer browser. 
  2. Hit the green Find a Language Professional button on the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Enter the translator’s name and location in the designated area if you’ve got someone in mind. 
  4. Choose the language pair you’re dealing with.
  5. Hit the search button, and the site will show results containing the registered translators offering services in that pair. 

The ATA directory allows you to choose between certified translators or uncertified ones. Overall, it is a helpful option for people residing in the U.S.

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How To Hire a Translator: Helpful Tips and Tricks 7

5 Useful Tips on How To Hire a Translator

When hiring a translator, you must keep certain things in mind. Since your translation needs may differ from another person’s, it is necessary to consider your specific requirements. So, here are helpful tips when hiring a translator:

1. Figure Out Your Needs for All Your Translation Gigs

Before offering translation gigs, you must determine your exact aims and needs. This step is vital because it lets you know who to hire for your project. In this case, you can quickly know if you should hire a freelancer, an online agency, or a physical location. 

Other important things to consider are the availability of the language pair you need and the qualifications of the human translators. Your needs as regards the subject matter, turnaround time, difficulty level, and volume of work all matter. 

2. Pay Attention to the Translator’s Credentials

When hiring a translator, you must consider their qualifications and credentials. You must ensure the translator is bilingual or has the highest language proficiency. In some cases, you may have to go for native speakers. 

Since translations typically involve the source and target languages, the translator must be proficient in both. Still, to produce more accurate translations, the translator should be a native speaker of one language. 

3. Consider the Translation Cost

Pricing typically differs significantly in the translation industry. For this reason, you must check the translation costs when considering who to hire. While many translators charge per page, others charge per word or hour for translation services.

These prices depend on several factors, including the translator’s credentials and the demand for that particular language. The type of document, its volume, and the turnaround time also matter. 

4. Ensure That Your Data Is Secure

Data security is an important consideration in translation, especially when dealing with legal, medical, and official documents. In the past, there have been cases of data breaches during translation. 

For this reason, you must also go for translators with the best data protection strategies. In this case, you must inquire where the translator stores your document. You should also check for confidentiality agreements and standards. 

5. Consider the Schedule When You Hire Translator Online

When you hire a translator online, you should also pay attention to the schedule they offer. While accuracy is crucial, timing is equally important. With a suitable schedule, you can always request corrections without breaking your original plan. 

Paying attention to the translator’s schedule saves you from rushed translation and additional costs. Still, most translators and agencies can fast-track your order for extra fees. This provision comes in handy when you’re behind on a translation task. 

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