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UK Visas and Immigration
Translation: Avoid UKVI Rejection

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Get Your Documents UKVI Certified And Translated

Translating for the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) is easy with Rapid Translate. Simply upload your document and receive translations completed by a professional translator. Our service translates your essential documents into English or over 60+ other languages quickly and affordably. We provide translations of 3 or less pages within 24 hours!

Certified and professional translators perform all certified document translations. We also have notary publics on staff to notarize your document if required.

When applying to the UKVI for a purpose such as immigration, you will often have to submit legal documents. These may include birth certificates, marriage certificates, a passport, or other British citizenship legal documents, along with its English translation. This also applies to dual citizens. Because the application process is meticulous, the UK government does not allow self-translating documents.

A professional translator provides a UKVI-certified English translation that fulfills all criteria and ensures acceptance. Rapid Translate offers this service 100% online. The best part? It’s quick and easy.

Get Any UKVI Document Translated in Over 60+ Languages

Rapid Translate translates UK immigration documents to and from languages of from many countries. Before you make your immigration or visa appointment, ensure your documents are translated error-free. Here's a list of just a few languages we translate.



Look, we get it; applying for a visa can be expensive. In fact, you'll probably need a translation for more than just your birth certificate. That's why our fees are always affordable.

At a low price of just $27.99 per page, you can rely on Rapid Translate. We provide certified translations for your documents, rapidly!

$27.99 Per page
  • 100% UKVI Acceptance Guarantee
  • Certified Translations Within 24 Hours
  • All Translations Are ATC Certified

FAQs About UKVI Translation

We know you want to ensure your bases are covered when it comes to UKVI translations. You'll find common queries about UKVI translation services in this Frequently Asked Questions section. If there's something we haven't covered or you have a specific question, please contact our expert customer service team.

Many services can provide UKVI-certified translations. At various stages throughout the immigration application process, you may need an original document, a photocopy, or a certified translation. To get a legal translation that’s certified to be complete and accurate, you must generally use a professional translator. Someone who can guarantee the satisfaction of UKVI requirements. These are services that Rapid Translate provides!

As per UKVI guidelines, for any document that is not in English or Welsh, a fully certified original translation is required for each document provided.

A professional translator or translation company must complete any translations. The translation must be dated and include the following:
  • Confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original document.
  • The full name and signature of the translator or an authorized official of the translation company.
  • The translator or translation company’s contact details.
  • Certification by a qualified translator and details of the translator or translation company’s credentials — especially if the applicant is applying for leave to remain or indefinite leave to remain.

There’s an astonishing amount of UK visas that you can apply for. It seems that every possible circumstance has an associated and specific visa application. Here are some of the most common UK visas:
  • Standard UK citizens visitor visa (travel, holidays, business, study up to 30 days and medical visit up to 6 months)
  • Marriage visitor visa
  • Visa to pass through the UK or EU/European Union in transit
  • Short-term study visa (up to 11 months maximum)
  • International students visa
  • General student visas
  • Children student visas
  • Short-term work visas
  • Long-term work visas
  • Family visas

The UKVI is uncompromising when it comes to English translation standards. If applicants submit documents with translation errors, they may outright deny your immigration application. Or, officials may submit a request for evidence. Common reasons for immigration or visa application rejections include:
  • Minor or major inaccuracies in translation.
  • Problems in formatting the document, indicating inauthenticity.
  • Absence of a declaration from the translator stating accuracy.
  • An incompetent translator
In response to the request for evidence, you must re-submit a document within a satisfactory time.

Instead of working with friends or family members, work with a professional and certified translation service provider. Rapid Translate ensures a 100% immigration/UK visas acceptance rate.

We haved a money-back guarantee if your documents receive a denial decision. In this rare occurrence, we provide complimentary revisions to assist with your appeal to get document approval.

With Rapid Translate, the cost is just $27.99 per page for a certified translation of your legal document. Simply upload your original document and receive your translation as soon as possible. All our documents are guaranteed to be certified to UK Visas and Immigration standards.

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