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Professional Localization Of Ad Copy

We provide ad localization services so that you can grow your marketing efforts across various platforms. These platforms include Meta, Google, & TikTok, to name a few. Using our services, you can promote your products & services worldwide. Our professional localization services translate into more than 60 different languages so you can enter new markets. Each localization project has a revision guarantee to ensure your translation is correct and true.

We accept standard ad copy translation in multiple file formats. We also guarantee that we follow character limits & guidelines when providing your ad copy translations.


Professional Website Localization

Utilize our website localization services to refine your content and match the language and culture of international users. Our localization process provides the most practical and seamless customer experience.

We can provide you with more than just website text translations. Our comprehensive translations account for cultural adaptations and local linguistics. This ensures all specific terms are easy for users of multiple languages to understand.

More than 30% of all internet users are non-English speakers. We are industry experts who work on a multitude of language localization projects. By working with our professional language services, you’ll be able to attract a broader range of potential customers. In turn, you'll keep your target audience on your site longer than ever.

How The Translation and Localization Process Works
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Step 1

Send us the files (via email or document attachment)

Step 2

If requested, we will respond with estimated quote & expected delivery time

Step 3

Certified translation will be performed by a native speaker

Step 4

Final translation proofread & quality check will be performed

Step 5

Final translation will then be sent over to you for review & approval

Languages We Translate

We provide high-quality translations in many languages, including Russian, German, Greek, French, Hindi, Italian, etc. All our translations are professional & accurate.


Get Any Asset Translated in Over 60+ Languages

Rapid Translate Pricing

We insist on being affordable, always.

At the price of just $0.11 per word, you can rely on Rapid Translate to provide thorough website localization services and language translation for your ad copy, websites, and blogs. Not only do we provide the highest quality localization services, we complete them efficiently as well.

$0.11 Per word
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee
  • 750 Words or Less Translated within 24 hours
  • Translated by a Professional Translator

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Frequently Asked Questions About Localization Services

If you have questions regarding translation and localization, we have answers. Here are some of your most asked queries. If you have any other questions, contact our customer service team. They have vast localization expertise and can also help with specialized customer requests, concerns and questions.

A localization company helps businesses adapt their products and services to various markets. Examples of this service include translating and adapting text and ensuring images and media are culturally appropriate for local markets. Language localization companies, like Rapid Translate, work with various clients. Whether a small business expanding into new markets or a non-profit organization reaching a wider audience, we can ensure your content is localized.
Technology localization helps businesses adapt their products and services to various markets. Companies that provide this service translate and adjust the text, ensuring images and media are culturally appropriate for local markets. There are multiple types of localization, including software localization, video game localization, and website localization.

Rapid Translate specializes in language localization and certified translations for various diverse clients. Whether a small business expanding into new markets or a non-profit organization reaching a wider audience, we can ensure your content is localized.
Here are specific examples of what a localization company can provide:
  • Time and Date Formatting
  • Currency Formatting
  • Cultural References and Images
  • Legal Compliance
  • Software localization services
Our pricing for language localization is simple. We charge $0.11 per word.

Furthermore, we can translate your website, blog or any copy into many languages. Our team consists of certified translation specialists who are multilingual. We ensure the translator assigned to your project is fluent in both the original copy language and the translated language.
There are three types of localization that a company can assist with. They are language, cultural, and technical localization. Rapid Translate specializes in the various types of language localization. This includes translation, interpretation, and transcription. Examples include:
  • Translation localization: Translating a website into a different language. This process might include a native language localization specialist translating all text, product descriptions and navigation menus. It’s crucial to ensure that any translated text is accurate and grammatically correct for the translated language. 
  • Interpretation localization: Besides the literal translation, adapting language meanings and cultural context is essential. For example, linguists interpreting something like a presentation need to take account of your audience’s cultural differences.
  • *Transcription localization: You might use transcription localization for audio or video content. For example, transcription localization transcribes a video or podcast from one language to another. 
  • *We do not currently offer this service
Here at Rapid Translate, we can support your translation localization and interpretation localization needs. Language localization is essential for helping people gain understanding by bridging the gap between language barriers. It also helps a company with global growth, reaching international markets. Rapid Translate also offers certified translations.
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