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Legal Translations: Certified Translation Services For All of your Legal Documents

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Get Any Legal Document Translated in Over 60+ Languages

Accurately translated legal documents are of utmost importance. They are essential for protecting your rights in a legal proceeding. Documents required for legal purposes should undergo a legal translation by certified legal translation services. Accurate and precise legal translated documents ensure the legal system functions fairly and efficiently.

Our experienced translators will translate your legal documents into over 60 different languages. Our multilingual translators provide a true, literal, and accurate translation from your native to your target language.


Rapid Translate Is The Best Option For Quick And Accurate Legal Translation Services

We provide USCIS-approved legal translation services across all languages. Our team is qualified to handle all the terminology your specific case requires. All of our translations are also 100% certified. They are provided quickly and accurately at no additional cost.

We also are open and available to provide translation services on retainer for lawyers and law firms. Please contact us using the phone number below or the contact section of our website for details or a quote.

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See All Of The Languages Available for Legal Translation Projects and Services:

Rapid Translate enlists translators who can render word-for-word translations of all your legal documents. Just a few of the languages we translate are Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, and Chinese. We can interpret your legal documents from and to more than 60 languages. Rapid Translate is a one-stop shop for all your language translation needs.


Rapid Translate Pricing

We understand that translating important legal documents is expensive. It's why we insist on being affordable always.

For $27.99 per page, you can rely on Rapid Translate to provide certified translations for your legal documents.

$27.99 Per page
  • 100% USCIS Acceptance Guarantee
  • Legal Documents translated within 24 hours
  • Certified by a Professional Translator

See Why We're a Top Translation Service Provider

We Offer A Full Array Of Document Translation Services, Including:

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