American To Italian Translator: Everything You Need To Know

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Feb 08, 2024 | 9 min read

There are so many instances in which language could be a barrier to your activities. As an American, you may want to visit Italy or carry out international transactions with Italian partners. These instances and more will have you seeking an American-to-Italian translator.

Someone may ask, do I still need a translator if I’m fluent in English and Italian? The answer is yes. You need a professional or certified translator to translate your legal documents and medical and academic records. So this article contains all you need to know about Italian translators and translations.

What Is an Italian Translation?

An Italian translation refers to the rendition of text from another language to Italian. As a citizen of a foreign country with a different official language, you’ll require Italian transliterations of files and documents.

You can’t use any international document from your country in Italy without first procuring a translation. That’s because, without the translation, you’ll experience difficulties arising from a lack of proper communication due to the language barrier. 

Assuming you present an English passport at an Italian embassy, most officials will be unable to comprehend its contents. Therefore, you’ll require an Italian passport translation service. The same applies to official papers for business and other purposes. 

So, anyone visiting Italy or submitting documents or applications online to Italian entities must get a translation. It’ll ensure a seamless travel process, relocation, application, or deals.

How To Translate Italian From English 

Translating Italian from English is the same as getting an English-to-Italian translation. For a fee, translation services will help you transliterate text from the source to the target language.

So, to translate Italian from English, you must contact a service that works with this language pair. When you find a reliable translation service provider, discuss the terms of service and present any inquiries you have. After that, negotiate (if possible) and settle for an acceptable fee.

You will then submit the original copies of your documents or certificates for translation. The translator will then begin to translate your document, observing foreign grammatical nuances and your document’s context. Once the translation is complete, you’ll receive the final version, which you can use for your desired purpose.

How To Prepare for an English To Italian Translation 

English to Italian translation is an Indo-European language pair that’s easy to get. Most people focus on the translator’s responsibilities when procuring this translation. Due to this, people tend to neglect some important preparatory steps that they should observe.

However, the observance of these preparatory measures can greatly influence the outcome of the final translation. First and foremost, you must search for a good and reliable translation agent whose price is within your range. Doing this will prevent you from accepting cheap offers from unreliable agents. 

With this out of the way, you can begin to arrange your document(s) for submission. Note that translations must be from original documents, so you must find them if you don’t have them.

Follow up by analyzing and proofreading to ensure that there are no errors. You’ll have to correct mistakes if there are any. Failure to do so will lead to translation inaccuracy. You can submit the document and wait for the translation if all these are in place. 

Italian to English Translation Online

Using a professional translator when replicating documents from a source to a target language is advisable. But if you’d rather not, there are other options you can try, including using online machine translation tools or websites.

These tools function through software programmed to interpret text from one language to another. Using such tools for Italian-to-English translation online is easy as they follow the same format.

You only need to access the website and find the appropriate language pair (Italian to English). You can then type or copy and paste the Italian text if you have a soft copy of the document. 

But note that some tools have free and paid versions. The free versions usually have daily text limits and offer only basic translation. On the other hand, paid versions give a more accurate rendition. 

If you choose to use online machine translation websites, try DeepL translate. It’s one of the best Italian-to-English online translation tools for getting instant renditions of documents. 

You can translate up to 1500 characters for free and copy or export the final version to other apps. However, if the document is lengthy, you may not be able to get a complete translation. Lengthy translations are only accessible to those using the paid version.

But even at that, machine translations are not as authentic and accurate as human translations by a professional. So, sometimes, you may still have to pay for editing and proofreading. Therefore, online translations are mostly suitable for unofficial translations, so don’t bank on it as a primary option.

Certified Italian Translation 

Using a professional translator for all your documents is great, but sometimes, this isn’t enough. Depending on the document and its purpose, you may need a certified translation.

A certified translation indicates that the interpretation is accurate and precisely done to the best of a qualified translator’s ability. So, the certification attests to a properly done job wherever you present the translation. 

However, not all translated documents require certifications. A certified Italian translation is necessary for three major kinds of documents. One is legal proceedings such as declarations, affidavits, summons, work permits, and other judicial documents.

Also, international travelers from America to Italy need certified translations of their immigration documents. So this includes passports, visas, vaccinations, birth and marriage certificates, and other forms of identification.

Finally, students must procure a certified Italian-translated copy of their academic records, degrees, transcripts, and certificates. If you submit non-certified official documents, courts, government authorities, and educational institutions may reject them.

Certified Italian Translator Requirements

A common question about certified translations is who can issue them. Sadly, not every professional can provide you with a certified translation of your documents. Only certified translators can offer document certifications. An accredited translator may be an individual freelancer or a translation agency.

But how can one identify a certified translator? The difference between professionals and certified translators is in their qualifications and authorization. There are certain criteria and requirements that a translator must possess before becoming certified. 

These certified Italian translator requirements set this class of translators apart and serve as proof of professional accuracy. Certified or sworn translators must have authorization from a foreign licensing body to translate official documents. Thus, this class of translators has formal recognition.

So, below are the criteria for becoming a certified, professional Italian language expert.

  1. The translator must enroll in a court in Italy with “ Albo dei Consulenti Tecnici.” This enrollment makes the translator a court-appointed technical consultant.
  2. The translator must be a member of the roll of experts and technical consultants maintained by the Chamber of Commerce.
  3. The translator must belong to a professional translation association/ institute or be on a government agency’s official list of translators.

Once a translator meets any of these requirements, they can issue certification statements to guarantee the accuracy of their jobs.

How Much Does It Cost To Translate Italian Documents?

There is no static fee for translating Italian documents. The price varies depending on the nature of the document and translation type. For example, translations of birth and marriage certificates cost less than business proposals and government documents.

Also, technical manuals, medical records, and legal documents cost more than the latter. In the same manner, certified translations cost more than the non-certified ones.

Another factor that determines the price is the quantity of documents. Most agents charge to translate Italian documents per page, so the quantity affects the fee. 

Furthermore, the translation service you select matters as each service decides its rates. Generally, companies charge more, and their fees are mostly non-negotiable. On the other hand, you can get free translations from software tools, but they may not always be accurate. 

Regarding the cost, online agencies’ and freelancers’ prices are mostly fair and negotiable. However, this is not a guarantee as several factors subject to change can affect the cost. 

Finding an Efficient American To Italian Translator

You may wonder where to find experienced professional translators. Various document translation services exist, including software, freelancers, physical companies, and online translation agencies. 

Finding an efficient translator starts with understanding your options. Online translated software provides instant results within a specific character limit. These tools are also free, but you must pay a fee to exceed the character limit. 

However, the payment does not guarantee a perfect job, as translations should give perfect renditions of grammatical expressions. You can get freelance translators via various platforms, but finding a verified professional may be challenging. 

Scammers sometimes pose as professionals, which may be difficult to detect. But if you get an authentic freelance translator, you’ll get a good job. Physical companies mostly offer more credibility than their counterparts as they have a bigger reputation to protect.

They also have several staff members, including certified translators. But they charge more and may be difficult to find depending on location. As for online translation agencies, they’re affordable, efficient, easy to access, and offer excellent services with fast turnaround times. 

The only issue is that you must be cautious to avoid scams, as some agencies are false. But you can verify their authenticity by assessing their websites. Detailed ones with elaborate information and FAQ are mostly genuine.

But for maximum assurance, you can read reviews on online agencies, including Rapid Translate. Rapid Translate is a renowned agency that can provide an American-to-Italian translator to transliterate your documents. 

Whether studying abroad, relocating, or expanding your business, Rapid Translate can help you break communicative boundaries. Our proficient translations can enable you to blend into new cultures seamlessly. So order now and converse like a pro!

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