Birth Certificate Translation: All the Options Available

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Jan 23, 2024 | 9 min read

Birth certificates are among the most important and useful documents since they indicate citizenship and age. You’d require one for immigration, academic, and legal purposes. But because this certificate is usually available in your official language, you sometimes need translations, especially when traveling to other regions. Now, how do you obtain a birth certificate translation?

Many translation companies and agencies offer translations for birth certificates. This process involves rendering the information on a certificate into another language. Of course, professional translators offer these services, providing certified translations since the documents serve official purposes. Due to popular demand, this article describes how to obtain this document in depth.

How To Translate a Birth Certificate: Employing Translation Services

A birth certificate is essential for indicating an individual’s age and citizenship. While these certificates mostly stay in the language where someone was born, rendering the document is sometimes crucial. For example, you may have to do this if you no longer live in the country that issued the certificate.

If this is the case, the most valid option is translating the original document. But since it isn’t advisable to perform machine-assisted translations for official purposes, hiring professionals is always the better option. However, the problem remains how to translate a birth certificate with these companies and agencies. For instance, Rapid Translate offers accurate translation services for different documents, including birth certificates. 

Here are four steps to use:

  1. Choose a suitable and reputable translation company. While you can complete the entire process online, other companies also allow customers to visit their physical offices for applications. 
  2. Per their requirements, initiate and order. During this process, you must submit a copy of your original birth certificate, personal details, and the target language. 
  3. The company will then assign qualified translators who will handle your project. After completion, you can review the task and request for corrections. Generally, the time it takes to complete jobs depends on the language, style, and length. 
  4. The translation company will email a copy of the translated birth certificate. Upon request, you’ll receive hard copies of the documents and enjoy notarization for additional fees.

Again, it isn’t permissible to translate birth certificates and other official documents by yourself. Even if you have a command of the language, consider hiring professional translators who offer certified translations. This is because government agencies mostly require additional documents that accompany and validate translated documents.

Which Are the Most Reputable Birth Certificate Translation Services?

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When people need translation services for the first time, they are almost always unsure about the company to work with. But although most players in the industry have upped their game, others are still well ahead of their counterparts naturally. Because of this, potential customers tend to opt for the more accurate options. So, which are the most accurate and efficient birth certificate translation services?

Rapid Translate Provides High-Quality Translations

Rapid Translate, one of the most reputable translation companies, offers diverse services to its growing customers. This company provides translations in over 60 languages, working with documents ranging from birth certificates to diplomas. Due to its pedigree, Rapid Translate utilizes a straightforward process that helps users swiftly transmit documents, receiving accurate results.

The translation service charges $27.99 per page for regular documents, including birth certificates. Of course, Rapid Translate offers certified translations or birth certificates, providing notarization on a customer’s request. The service prides itself on its 100% human translations, which it produces courtesy of qualified translators.

With the rigorous hiring process, Rapid Translate has many translators ready at all times. Besides that, the translation service provides translations with one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Usually, customers receive their order within 24 hours, with many insisting that they received it way earlier.

Rush Translate Is Also Dependable

Rush Translate is another dependable service that offers certified translations of birth certificates. This company, which works with professional translators, handles tasks in over 65 languages worldwide. The company’s translators possess the experience, having translated birth certificates from around the globe.

This company also provides affordable services, allowing customers to enjoy certified translations for as low as $24.95 per page. The service also maximizes delivery time, remitting one to three-page documents within 24 hours. The company also employs full human translators with varying certifications and accreditations.

Rush Translate offers notarization on these certified birth certificate translations for an additional fee. The company also provides physical copies of translated certificates on customer requests, producing and shipping these printed copies via FedEx.

Translayte Is Another Reputable Option

Translayte, another translation company, provides rendered birth certificates that support university, marriage, Visa, or passport applications. The company insists that it translates documents with 100% accuracy within swift intervals. With a comprehensive team of professional translators, the company can translate birth certificates across over 130 languages to high standards.

Although translations of birth certificates could mean different things in different countries, this service studies and understands each requirement beforehand. Therefore, it assures customers of relevant results. The company incorporates these prerequisites to deliver reliable results acceptable to relevant government agencies.

Besides the translation service’s high standards, it also offers 24-hour delivery, expanding it to 48 hours on larger documents. Translayte charges $27.50 per page for the standard translation of birth certificates. The Professional translation costs $37.13 per page, while specialist translation costs $46.75 per page.

Customers can also request printed copies, which the company duly ships. Usually, it ships printed copies at an extra cost, starting at $6.50. 

What Are the Requirements for a Birth Certificate Translation for USCIS?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services stipulates specific requirements for foreigners applying for citizenship and entry into the US. Regarding the translation of birth certificates, the agency also provides strict guidelines for individuals to follow. Translated copies of these certificates are essential and must accompany their original version. But people often wonder what the requirements are for a birth certificate translation for USCIS.

USCIS Requires Consistently Formatted Certificates

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has designated a standard for translated birth certificates. The agency insists that individuals must type their translated certificates, as it does not accept hand-written versions. Maintaining the same formatting between original documents and their translated counterparts is also crucial. 

This means that individuals must use the same fonts, text size, and design as the original while translating. The reason for this is simple: to help officials directly understand the text as written in the original language. So, this stipulation helps compare text to pass information more accurately.

USCIS Only Accepts Certified Translations of Birth Certificates

Another important prerequisite that boosts acceptance in the USCIS is the certification of translated birth certificates. Certified translations are those with signed documents indicating their completeness and accuracy. These certifications, also called certificates of accuracy, must contain the translation company, agency, or professional’s letterhead.

For example, when processing your passport application, the government service requests for translated documents originally in other languages. So, when obtaining these translations, the providers must also attest to their accuracy with signed statements. Anyone can provide certified translations and have an excellent command of the languages.

USCIS Does Not Mandate Notarization of Translations

While obtaining notarizations for your translated birth certificates could be an added advantage, the agency does not require this addition. Most professional translators offer notaries, and it does not affect your stance. Of course, it reinforces your authenticity and that of the translation.

Notarization generally involves getting someone with high standings in the field to confirm the translator’s identity and integrity. Although the USCIS does not compel people to notarize documents, you may need to add this document in other cases. For instance, notarized transcripts, employment records, and passport applications are sometimes important.

USCIS Does Not Accept Self-Translated Birth Certificates

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services strongly forbids people from translating and utilizing their birth certificates. Besides that, the government agency also prohibits people from directly using certificates their friends and family have translated. The agency considers these two instances conflicts of interest and outright reject the accompanying applications.

However, there is a way around this stipulation: allowing individuals with the language skills to translate their birth certificates. In this case, they must send the translated copies to other professionals who certify the document. Many translation companies offer this service for minimal fees. But overall, individuals will spend less than they normally would. 

Can You Get a Mexican Birth Certificate Translation? What Options Are Available?

Are you a citizen intending to travel out of Mexico? If yes, getting a translation of your birth certificate is crucial, especially if you’re heading to a non-Spanish-speaking country. While this may seem basic, many people are unsure about the process of getting a Mexican birth certificate translation.

When obtaining this translation of your birth certificate, consider finding experienced translators with excellent customer reviews. Consider asking for recommendations from family and friends regarding which translation services to use. In this case, you can use online or freelance translation services.

Online translation services require that customers upload their birth certificates and pay for the job. In this case, translators mostly return the translated copies within a day. Local freelance translators also similarly provide this service. But when working with local freelance writers, always confirm their accuracy and certifications. Also, work with translators who have experience translating Mexican birth certificates.

Another option for rendering your certificate is by utilizing relevant agencies of the Mexican government. For instance, the consulate provides birth certificate translations for Mexican citizens already in other countries. Therefore, you should always consider all these alternatives before opting for a more convenient option for your birth certificate translation.

Many reputable translation companies work with multiple documents, including birth certificates. Most of these documents, especially birth certificates, are essential for immigration and citizenship applications. For one, Rapid Translate has grown an identity as a dependable player.

Whether you’ve decided to take your business internationally, study abroad, or connect with others, Rapid Translate comes through. It provides accurate human translation to help you overcome language hurdles and travel the world. Order now to get your dependable, certified translation today!

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