Notary Translation: Where Can You Get This Service?

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Jan 23, 2024 | 9 min read

Although anyone who understands a language pair can offer translations, these translations are not always valid. Many relevant organizations and government agencies do not accept randomly translated documents. In such cases, these organizations may sometimes request a notary translation before accepting the document. But what does this mean, and how can someone obtain this translation?

Notary translations come with certifications and signatures from a notary public, verifying the translator’s identity and pedigree. While other activities only require certifications but not notarization, most education-based documents require notarization as proof of validity. So, this guide discusses all you should know about this translation format and how to obtain it.

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Who Is a Translation Notary, and What Is Their Role?

To obtain notarization for translated documents, professional translators must certify the translations before taking them to a translation notary. But who are these notaries, and what do they do? A notary signs a translated document, confirming the translator’s identity and the accuracy of the interpretation.

Translator notaries usually work independently or for translation companies. These notaries are usually present when translators certify the required documents. Afterward, the notaries stamp and sign these documents, keeping records of the notarization for future reference. So, a translation notary’s stamp functions as an official seal.

Usually, a notary public is a translation notary. A notary public is an individual with authorization from a government agency to notarize documents. This authorization usually emanates from the secretary of state’s office and aims to prevent fraud regarding essential documents. 

Translation notaries ensure that the people signing these translated documents are who they purport to be. They also confirm that the individuals have signed the documents independently. In short, these notaries certify translations legally since they possess legal authorization from the government.

To become a translation notary, one must buy an application form, fill it out, and undergo some training. The individual must also pass the notarization exam and then file the oath and bond of office. When accepted, the translation notary must also purchase the needed supplies to begin work.

Usually, translation notaries only offer notarizations for documents in languages they understand. This reduces the risk of errors since they should also confirm its authenticity before signing and stamping. This is why notaries are mostly always proficient in several languages, including the document of interest’s specific language.

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What Is Translation Notarization? Going Back to the Basics

People often mistake certified translations for notarized translations. While both aim to mark a translated document’s authenticity and integrity, they function differently. Some documents do not require notarization to be acceptable.

Conversely, only notarization authenticates a specific class of documents. So, what does this mean, and when is translation notarization?

Translation notarization involves a notary signing and sealing translated documents, attesting to the translator’s accuracy and authenticity. Therefore, this notarization only serves as an additional authentication for certified translations. You must understand that a notary public offers notarization for translated documents.

Usually, translation notarizations come in their digital or physical copies. Both of these translated versions are valid and accepted across most agencies. However, some institutions primarily request the original documents with handwritten signatures and physical stamps. So, you must understand the specifications of your application before asking for a copy.

Again, some documents do not require notarization, while others do. For instance, legal documents, immigration papers, and school transcripts are some of the documents that require notarization. Documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and other regular documents do not require notarization. 

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Who Is a Notary Translator? Can Someone Play Both Roles?

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Besides certifying translated documents before taking them to a notary, some professional translators also offer notarization services. With proper qualifications, an individual can perform the role of a notary translator. While these individuals can offer document certification or notarization, they cannot certify and notarize a particular document.

Relevant institutions do not allow qualified translators to notarize official documents they’ve translated despite being notaries public. This means these individuals may issue certified translations and have another notary carry the notarization. Conversely, the notary translator can also get another person to issue the certification while they perform the notarization. 

Fortunately, a specific translation agency can offer certified translations and notarization. A separate translator would offer translations and certifications, while a notary provides the notarization. This arrangement makes the translation process and official procedures more straightforward when people need both services.

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Which Companies Offer Notary Translation Services?

Although thousands of translation companies exist, few offer notary translation services. These companies primarily work with professional translators who also serve as translation notaries. Due to the importance of this service, people often ask for recommendations on which alternatives to go with.

Rapid Translate Provides Notary Translations

In addition to other document translation services, Rapid Translate offers notary services to individuals and organizations. The company concedes the importance of notarization, so it provides this extra security layer that some government institutions require. Here, the translation agency’s government-approved notary stamps and signs as an official witness.

For increased convenience, this company offers online notarization services. While it charges $27.99 to translate a single document page, it charges an extra $20 for notarization. Rapid Translate offers translation and notarization for documents in over 60 languages. It mainly works with documents for immigration and citizenship applications and offers translations for other documents.

Rush Translate Offers Translation Notarizations

Rush Translate, another translation service, offers these translations for its customers. Customers must indicate when notarization is needed because this activity is not always compulsory. When ordering a translation, the agency’s website provides an option for users to indicate the need for notarization.

Remember that Rush Translate only approves notarization orders twice daily on weekdays. Although it provides translations in over 65 languages, it is one of the most efficient alternatives in the industry. Its notarization includes the company’s representative’s signature and the signature from a member of the Kentucky Notary Public. The document also carries an ink stamp from the notary alongside the date.

After completing a translation task, this company sends the translated copies back to customers for review and confirmation. From there, the company notarizes the document only when a customer approves a specific translation task. Subsequently, the company sends electronic copies of the translated document, its certification, and the notarization.

However, the company also delivers printed copies of notarizations alongside the translated documents and their certifications. It uses FedEx to deliver printed copies containing wet ink signatures and stamps.

Tomedes Also Offers Notary Services

Tomedes, an American translation company, also provides notary services for customers worldwide. This company offers notarization for customers to maintain compliance and meet the standards of different governmental bodies. It is comprised of translators and notaries with ample experience who together create accurate translations for its clientele.

This translation agency offers services in over 150 languages. However, it mainly issues notarizations for educational transcripts, professional certificates, diplomas, and other important documents. It offers both online and physical notarizations based on customer’s needs. The company allows its customers to indicate interest in adding notarizations when making orders.

Subsequently, it sends the translated copies to customers for initial reviews before initiating the notarization. Once the translators have completed all revisions on the document, the company notarizes it and sends it. Tomedes also makes a provision for the delivery of physical copies and the digital copies it initially sends.

Transistent Also Offers Notary Translations

Transistent offers sworn and notarized translation services for customers consisting of individuals and corporations. This translation company focuses more on providing reliable translations. It then charges an additional fee for notarization, which the sworn translator presents to a notary for approval.

Usually, the company charges differently for translation; it considers the number of pages and the document type. On the other hand, it charges a uniform fee for notarization since notaries charge the same fee. Its services involve notarizing translated passports, identity cards, transcripts, court documents, contracts, and driving licenses.

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How To Find a Notary Translation Near Me: 2 Helpful Options

Many people remain skeptical of online service providers for several diverse reasons. Because of this, people sometimes opt for physical translation services. Besides that, these online options do not always cover a potential customer’s target language.

There could be a need to find nearby translation offices. How can I find a notary translation near me?

Looking Through Google Business Profiles

Google offers an effective way of identifying services that offer notary translations near your location. A Google search of the keywords “Notary Translation Services Near Me” effectively lists all available options. This way, you can also browse all the alternatives before deciding on a valid option.

Another advantage this process offers is the availability of customer reviews. Google Business Profiles come with reviews from past customers describing their experiences with each company. This eases the task of making a choice. These profiles carry these companies’ addresses, opening hours, and contact information.

You Can Identify Nearby Translation Services From Yelp

Yelp, another online service, allows users to find notary services closer to their location. Although this website mainly acts as an avenue for sharing and browsing user reviews, it also provides directions. This online service allows users to narrow their searches to distinct locations, making the process easier.

The platform helps people find local businesses through their profiles, which appear alongside their contacts, websites, and addresses. To use this platform, first visit its website, sign in with your social profile, and initiate a search. During a search, the website also allows users to indicate the location of interest. 

Most high-level companies, such as Rapid Translate, offer translations in multiple areas and provide notarizations for these translations. Since they work in unison with people in the industry, they understand the requirements for these services. This is one option you should consider for your notary translation needs.

Rapid Translate helps people take their communication capacities to higher levels. This company comes through for people building international businesses, studying abroad, or simply building connections with other cultures. Its accurate and reliable services can help overcome language hurdles and broaden your world. Make an order to enjoy the strengths of limitless communication!

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