Certified Translation Agency Near Me: Factors To Consider

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Jan 23, 2024 | 7 min read

Generally, certified translations fulfill official requirements in a country, making them fit for official purposes. While thousands of translation agencies offer translations for customers, many do not provide certified translations. Even among those offering certified services, accuracy is often a concern. Because of this, many questions arise on the issue of choosing a reliable agency nearby. So, how can I choose a certified translation agency near me?

Choosing a nearby translation agency can be tricky, especially if you haven’t worked with one before. Of course, you must consider several important factors, such as the languages they specialize in, their certification, and their efficiency. However, since you may not always find certified translation agencies nearby, finding one is sometimes a concern. Well, this post discusses all these concerns. 

What Are Certified Translations, and What Agencies Provide Them?

Certified translations are those translations with supporting documents indicating the accuracy and completeness of the translated documents. As proof of accuracy and adequacy, these translations mostly carry extra information describing the translator’s pedigree and status.

These certified translations are crucial when obtaining documents for legal and official use. Translations for educational purposes and use with government agencies fall within this category. These certified documents typically carry statements pointing to their accuracy. For instance, the American Translators Association stipulates that official and legal translations must carry the following in its certification statement:

  1. A statement indicating the translator’s qualifications.
  2. Another statement attests to the accuracy and completeness of the translated document. 
  3. The name of the translator, their signature, and the date.
  4. An identification of the language and the translated document.

The association also stipulates two alternatives for document certification. The first alternative applies to documents that don’t require notarization and contain only the minimum required information. Conversely, the long-form certification, the second alternative, plays well for translations requiring notarization. This alternative contains some specific information that aligns with the needs.

Since different agencies and organizations require different information regarding document certification, always inquire about the specifics. For instance, some agencies request hand-written signatures in black or blue ink. So, the customers must discover these requirements and relay them to their translators.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Certified Translation Agency Near Me

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It would help if you considered several crucial factors when looking for reliable, professional translators near you with relevant certifications. These considerations protect you against hiring people who may create blunders on your translation project. Of course, the aim is always to create accurate translations that will enjoy acceptance from the relevant authorities. So, what are the things to note when choosing one?

The Agency Must Have the Proper Accreditations and Certifications

If you’re going for quality and targeting reliability, always go for translation agencies with the relevant accreditations. Also, always ensure that the translators have the needed certifications. With these pedigrees, these companies and translators effectively prove their expertise and extensive experience.

Generally, accreditations show that the agency is fit to offer the service. On the other hand, certifications indicate that the translators have completed the courses needed to become professionals. The certifications show that they now possess the skills to offer accurate services that won’t backfire with time. 

Translation companies usually list their accreditations on their website. Besides that, such agencies must also have a team of certified experts in the language they offer. To confirm this, you must examine the agency’s hiring process and how they prepare their translators.

Check Customer Reviews, References, and the Agency’s Stature

Customer reviews and the agency’s overall reputation are some of the most telling factors when hiring translation services. Customer reviews describe the experiences of past customers and their levels of satisfaction with the services they received. Besides the reviews they display on their websites, you can get authentic and verified feedback on websites like TrustPilot and G2.

To get the agency’s overall reputation, run quick searches on Google to find news articles and other information. These searches could draw positive and negative results, helping people decide on the alternative. Besides Google reviews, which you’ll find on the business profiles of these agencies, you’ll find different publications and honorary mentions. 

Besides scouring the internet for relevant information on nearby translation agencies, you can request references from family and friends. Someone who has worked with a translation company can easily relay their experience with the company, helping you decide.

Ensure That the Agency Has Industry and Subject-Specific Experts

Usually, most translators possess common language skills and a native understanding of the language pairs they work with. However, a reliable certified translation agency must also have some industry experts in specific areas. The company must also have qualified translators in specific fields such as marketing, medicine, and finance.

These experts chip in when translation projects emerge in these areas. Since they already understand the terminology and technical aspects of said subject, they employ their language skills as required. Well, always determine the availability of these experts if you need this kind of service from a nearby translation agency. 

Determine the Agency’s Turnaround Times Before Hiring

For most people who go with physical translators in nearby locations, time is usually not on their side. For some, Visa applications or projects usually have strict deadlines that are almost always inviolable. Whether this is the case or not, it is always crucial to determine the estimated turnaround times before hiring any translator.

Usually, translation agencies allow people to request quotes for their projects. The quotes these companies provide contain important information, including the estimated translation time. Some companies charge an extra fee for people who want to fast-track their orders. 

There are several advantages to going to agencies near you. For one, you’ll be working with translation agencies near you, so there’ll be no miscommunication issues when negotiating details. Also, you can visit their physical offices instead of obtaining quotes online to discuss these terms before finalizing.

Verify That the Translation Agency Translates Your Needed Language Pair

Some languages are far less common than others, making their translators less common. So, when considering translation agencies near you, ensure you’ve verified whether they offer the languages you’re working with. Well, there are several quick ways of doing this.

Since you’re visiting the physical locations of these translation agencies, you can always ask for comprehensive lists of languages they cover. Most of these agencies have functional websites, so you can also inquire from there or browse their documents page. For example, if you need a Spanish translator to render birth certificates, make specific inquiries about the details.

To ensure total trust, request the CVs of the translators you’ll be working with. While agencies do not always have to offer their full information, you should access their skill set and experience. If you’re working on technical projects, ensure you’ve picked professional translation services with the capacity to provide the utmost accuracy.

While I sometimes insist on working with a certified translation agency near me, several online services offer accurate translations. For instance, Rapid Translate helps people advance their global communication abilities. This agency offers translation services for people expanding their businesses, studying abroad, or connecting with other cultures. Its effective services can help scale language hurdles and widen your world. 

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