The Spanish Group Translation Reviews From Previous Clients

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Jun 28, 2024 | 7 min read

Some companies have become authorities in the certified translation niche. When you search the internet for translation agencies, you’ll readily find them. Rapid Translate and The Spanish Group translation are two good examples. However, this article focuses on the latter, highlighting The Spanish Group translation reviews. 

Many people and even Google SERP may readily recommend this agency for certified and other translation services. 

But what should you know about working with them? Learn more from The Spanish Group translation services reviews outlined in this article! 

Learning About the Spanish Group

The Spanish Group is an online translation agency based in Irvine, California. This company has garnered global recognition and trust for its certified translation services. 

Today, the Spanish Group is considered an industry leader in certified translation. Their services cover a wide range of niches, from legal to academic.

Additionally, The Spanish Group offers translation in over 90 languages, using native and professional translators to ensure precision and accuracy. Customer reviews show you’ll enjoy a speedy time delivery working with this agency. 

Moreover, this agency offers affordable services and an ideal customer experience! So, if you seek a trustworthy agency for certified translation services, check out The Spanish Group today!

Certified Translation Services at the Spanish Group

The Spanish Group generally offers online certified translation services. Still, they provide these translations across various niches. So, if you want to work with this agency, you should know which niches and translation types they offer. 

Below are three popular translation niches The Spanish Group covers.

1. Legal Document Translation 

The Spanish Group offers translation for all legal documents in over 90 language pairs. Their experienced and expert legal translators offer contextual and structurally accurate court document translations

The company employs professional translators with expert legal backgrounds to ensure success. So, even if you don’t know the legal requirements, The Spanish Group will cover you appropriately!

2. Academic Translation Services 

You can easily translate academic documents with The Spanish Group. As you know, academic documents require the most precision and accuracy to preserve original ideas appropriately. The Spanish Group offers transcripts, diplomas, and even research document translations.

This agency boasts translation professionals, experts, and native speakers who are certified in several language pairs. These experienced translators ensure the accuracy of your academic document in the target language.

3. Business and Marketing Translation

The Spanish Group also offers business translation services for big and small businesses. This agency can help you translate your marketing collateral and campaign into one or multiple languages. 

So, if you want to establish a new business or expand to a foreign land, you’ll benefit from this service. The agency’s translators will accurately translate your marketing collaterals and business documents to win new and happy customers. Their translation for business will also help you establish your business legally in a foreign country. 

Two people work together to translate a document in an office.
The Spanish Group Translation Reviews From Previous Clients 7

Why Choose the Spanish Group for Your Translation Services

Although many online translation companies offer certified translation service, The Spanish Group stands out. Many people even consider it an industry leader. Thus, you may wonder what makes this agency exceptional. 

This section considers X features that make this agency unique, showing why you should engage them. 

1. The Use of Professionals and Niche Experts

Fluency in a language pair qualifies anyone to translate a document but not to produce a certified translation. Only accredited translators of a language pair can offer this. That is why The Spanish Group only employs certified professionals to translate documents. 

Their translators are fluent and certified in the language pair and professionals in specific niches. For example, only experts in the medical field work as medical translators. Similarly, only those experienced in legal processes handle legal translation projects. 

2. Translation Speed and Accuracy

Often, online translators offer speed and accuracy as mutually exclusive features. That is, you can get it fast but not accurate, or accurate but not fast. However, The Spanish Group offers speed and accuracy as complementary features of their translations. 

Understanding the urgency of many translations, especially immigration documents, this agency ensures accurate and timely delivery to satisfy clients. Despite their commitment to speed, the translation process ensures precision and accuracy. 

3. Document Confidentiality

Many translated documents are often confidential. The Spanish Group understands this and strives to maintain confidentiality for every document they translate. 

They train their translators with strict confidentiality protocols to ensure the security of your documents. The agency adheres to these strict protocols even when delivering the translated document, whether electronically or in print. 

Rapid Translate’s screenshot of The Spanish Group on Trustpilot.
The Spanish Group Translation Reviews From Previous Clients 8

The Spanish Group Translation Reviews

You’ll find The Spanish Group on many online review sites with many customer reviews and ratings. Customers who have previously worked with the company write these reviews to share their experience with the agency. These reviews and ratings also help you to compare the agency with other alternatives.

This section summarizes some reviews of the Spanish group on some popular review sites. 

1. The Spanish Group Trustpilot Reviews

Thus far, The Spanish Group has 278 reviews on Trustpilot, earning a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating. Of the reviewers, 81% gave five stars, 3% gave four stars, 2% gave three stars, and 1% gave two stars. Finally, 13% gave the agency one star. 

An excellent review by Nes Oso from the U.S. was published on June 7, 2024. The reviewer described a satisfactory experience, writing that they received an accurate translation, it was delivered on time, and it was fairly priced. They also rated the company 5 out of 5 stars and promised to become a repeat customer. 

Conversely, Fabiana from France described the agency as a SCAM. After complaining about unsatisfactory service, Fabiana also complained about their customer contacts, describing them as unhelpful. 

2. The Spanish Group Yelp Reviews 

The Spanish Group has a stricter review and lower rating on Yelp, indicating lower customer satisfaction. Here, 78 people reviewed the company, with the greatest percentage offering five stars while the next offered one star. The company earned a 3.7 out of 5 stars rating from these 78 reviews. 

An example of a good review on Yelp comes from Isaac, from California, U.S., published on June 12, 2024. Isaac describes an exceptional experience with The Spanish Group, where he enjoyed the services of professional translators. The reviewer then recommends the agency to all needing quality translations. 

On the other hand, Hendrick Jan from Maine, U.S., posted a critical review on June 8, 2024. The reviewer said the agency used an unqualified translator for his translation and refused a refund after identifying the error. Hendrick gave the agency one star and described their attitude as unfriendly. 

Is the Spanish Group a Reliable Translation Agency?

Yes, The Spanish Group is a reliable translation company. Many positive comments from previous clients from the Spanish Group translation reviews show the reliability of translations from this agency.

However, if the few negative reviews you find discourage you, there are other agencies to explore. 

For instance, you can choose Rush Translate or Rapid Translate, the best online translation agency for your certified translation. This company offers timely and affordable translation services in multiple language pairs. The agency uses native speakers and professionals to ensure a precise, high-quality, and accurate translation. 

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