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Jan 23, 2024 | 7 min read

When working with individuals or corporations of foreign origin, it is sometimes necessary to translate documents you receive from them. Sometimes, these documents come in foreign languages, prompting the need for translations. But in such situations, you may be unsure where to obtain this service. Well, several companies and agencies offer foreign language document translation services. 

While you can get nearby physical translation places depending on your location, you may have to consider online agencies. Both options are effective if you work with accurate and reputable professional translators. So, you can always find people offering different aspects of the service, including certified and notarized services. Well, this post discusses everything to know about this subject.

How To Get Foreign Language Document Translation Services Near Me

Although some people factor in the convenience of an online translation agency, others opt for their physical counterparts. Of course, when people place effectiveness and accuracy over ease, the physical alternatives become far more attractive. I can get the best document translation services near me in several ways.

Find Nearby Translation Agencies on Google

As Google continues to cover multiple aspects of business operations, it offers an effective way of finding nearby translation services. Its business profiles feature allows companies to place themselves in the limelight, letting customers reach them more easily. In this case, a quick search of the phrase “Translation services near me” draws a location-based list of the options.

One major advantage this option offers is the reviews feature, where you can browse the thoughts of past customers. These reviews, with ratings, help people choose a translator from a wide array of options. Subsequently, you can filter the results based on ratings and opening hours. 

Using Google business profiles has become the most efficient way to get translation services near you. In this case, the platform allows the company to share updates, providing past and potential customers with relevant information.

Get Nearby Translation Services From the ATA Website

The American Translators Association shares a comprehensive list of translators on its website. This resource offers an effective way of identifying and hiring a foreign language translator. Since this organization oversees the activities of translators in the country, it classifies them accordingly, allowing people to choose easily.

To use this service, head to the language services directory on the association’s website and search for options in your location. You can also input other search parameters such as target language, specialization, name, and education.

Yelp Allows People To Find Nearby Translation Places

Another major option for finding where to get document translation services near you is Yelp. This online service aims at connecting people with local businesses. So, the platform serves this purpose excellently, allowing people to find local translation establishments easily.

To use the platform, first sign up by creating an account. Then, enter the phrase “Document translation services” into the search box. Also, choose your preferred location before initiating the search. The results will contain several viable options where you can pick an option. Of course, details like the address, phone, and customer reviews are accessible from here.

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Which Professional Document Translation Services Should You Consider?

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Since many professional document translation services exist, picking one can be tricky. As a total newbie, you may even be unsure about the factors to consider during the process. When looking for where to get an accurate translation of your document, always prioritize proven and experienced professionals. Luckily, several options exist for you to consider.

Translate Documents in Foreign Languages With Rapid Translate

Rapid Translate is a proven translation company that offers translations for documents in foreign languages. Being one of the most reputed figures in the industry, this company translates documents into over 60 languages worldwide. It provides the service across multiple areas, working with business documents, USCIS-related tasks, and legal documents. 

Due to its massive popularity, the translation agency has worked with thousands of customers. As a result, it has developed working systems to aid efficiency during the translation process. Thanks to its global presence, Rapid Translate works primarily with native speakers of the languages of interest. The translation process is simple: upload a copy of the original document on their website, make payment, and wait.

Rush Translate Is Another Option To Consider

Rush Translate, another top translation agency, offers document translation services in over 65 languages. This company employs highly experienced professionals who offer a wide range of services. These services usually span from financial and medical translations to technical and legal translations. 

Rush Translate has remained a member of the American Translators Association since 2015. Due to its versatility, the company also offers certified translations for official and academic documents in foreign languages. While the company has maintained its services at affordable rates, it offers one of the swiftest turnaround times.

Stepes Offers Foreign Language Document Translations

Stepes, another company, provides document translation services in over 100 languages. This agency has worked with several large corporations in various industries, such as manufacturing, financial, technology, medical, legal, and engineering. Comprising professional translators, the company offers swift service within an extremely reasonable period. 

This company has obtained the necessary certifications, such as the ISO 9001 certification. Working with over a thousand professionals, it also employs the latest technologies to maintain high efficiency. Its translators are also subject matter experts in the various fields that need translation. This is one valid alternative to consider when looking for translations in foreign languages.

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When Do You Need Notarized Translation Services?

Besides obtaining certified translations, it is sometimes necessary to get notarized translation services. Notarized translations come with the signatures of a notary, verifying the translator’s identity. Unlike certifications that attest to the quality and completeness of document translations, these are not quality control measures. 

Notarizations are important for international contracts, court filings, and legal document translations. If so, the translator sends the translated documents to the notaries after completing the service. However, since some translation companies have links with the notaries that perform these services, they complete the task without hassles.

Usually, the notary who signs translated documents is an impartial witness from a government institution. After confirming the translator’s profile, they must sign and place their official seal on the document. The notary’s task does not involve verifying the translator’s work. Once the translator confirms their work is accurate and complete, the notary continues the process.

Although notarizations are not compulsory for all types of documents, they add extra layers of security to those documents. But while these notarizations do not attest to accuracy, they ensure that all parties follow the due process. Well, many organizations have fallen back on the use of notarizations. Instead, they only request evidence in the form of certified translations.

How To Obtain Document Translation for USCIS

When applying for entry into the United States, translating documents during your application is often necessary. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requests for translations when your documents are originally in other languages. However, confusion may arise for people getting document translations for USCIS. 

You can get a USCIS-certified translation from multiple physical and online translation companies. Most of these companies, such as Rapid Translate, have mastered the requirements of the USCIS over extended periods. Thus, they boast a 100 percent acceptance rate from this government institution. 

Documents like marriage certificates, academic transcripts, immigration papers, and driver’s licenses fall within this category. Although the USCIS requires the utmost mastery, translators do not necessarily need to be immigration experts. Also, the government institution does not compulsorily require notarizations for translated documents. 

Rapid Translate takes care of every aspect of foreign language document translation services. This translation company helps people upgrade their global communication capabilities. People expanding their businesses, studying abroad, or building international connections can employ this service. Its efficient service breaks language barriers and connects the world. Order now!

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