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Jun 25, 2024 | 9 min read

You’re most likely to browse the internet when searching for a qualified translator or an agency that provides the service. Most guides will advise you to confirm the agency’s credibility through recommendations, ratings, and reviews. So, following this advice, potential clients often search for Rapid Translate reviews.

Potential customers are curious whether this agency can handle their orders and satisfy their needs by producing acceptable translations. 

Reviews are among the best ways to get genuine feedback from others. So, if you’re searching for answers, this article will tell you everything you need to know. Let’s start!

Analyzing Rapid Translate Reviews and Ratings

Rapid Translate is one of several companies that provide solutions to translation needs. It assists with U.S. immigration translations. This agency also delivers business, medical, immigration, and academic translations.

Although the agency has existed for many years, those who haven’t encountered it doubt its credibility. But if you analyze Rapid Translate, you’ll realize the service has a five-star rating.

The five-star rating indicates that Rapid Translate’s services are peculiar and premium. They satisfy all client’s needs, from quality work to timely delivery and affordable pricing. Several positive reviews from customers worldwide back up these claims. 

Clients testify to Rapid Translate’s speed, accuracy, and excellent customer service. The company observes all professional standards through well-trained and certified translators. Even in rush services like notarization, the quality remains top-notch. 

Happy customers who give feedback include individuals, law firms, pharmaceutical corporations, and companies from different industries. To confirm this, open your browser and search for Rapid Translate reviews. 

The feedback from people who have used this service will blow your mind. If you need more conviction, you can visit Rapid Translate’s website to read and see direct reviews from clients. 

More proof of the agency’s excellence is that its 120 translators have translated 225,935 documents into 60 languages. This achievement is remarkable, considering they always leave satisfied customers who return and refer others.

Is Rapid Translate Legit?

Yes, Rapid Translate is a legitimate translation company that you can trust. Potential customers often ask, “Is Rapid Translate legit?” Therefore, client feedback is the most authentic way to confirm authenticity. Most of Rapid Translate’s clients leave satisfactory remarks. 

The agency expertly renders various services, hence the over 700 positive reviews and high ratings. But no one ever concludes from reviews and ratings alone. More professional methods exist to determine if a company is legit. 

An excellent way to check a company’s credibility is to confirm its status with authorities in its industry. These authorities could be professional or certified bodies. Such bodies often have directories that contain a list of their members. 

Likewise, several certification bodies operate on professional standards in the translation industry. Rapid Translate is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and has a certification from the International Organization for Standardization. 

This certification proves that Rapid Translate complies with regulatory requirements and operates appropriately, observing standard procedures. Hence, the company doesn’t hesitate to add certification statements to its translations before proceeding with emailing or mailing options.

Some people find it difficult to trust online services without physical locations they can visit. If you also find it difficult to trust easily, you can relax without worries. Rapid Translate has a physical brick-and-mortar office in Miami.

However, ordering an online translation is just as efficient and easy if you don’t reside within the state or country. All you need to do is visit the website, press the “order” button, and follow the prompts.

Discover Rapid Translate’s Services

Rapid Translate is a one-stop hub for all your foreign language needs. The service handles and processes multiple requests from clients efficiently. 

If you’re wondering what services this agency offers, take a look at the six below!

1. Standard Translation

Translation is the conversion of text from one language to another so that the translated version retains its meaning. However, official agencies and institutions frown against self-translation even by bilingual clients. Therefore, anyone in need of standard translation must contact a professional translator.

But you don’t have to worry about how to get one, as Rapid Translate has numerous translators. These translators are adept at rendering official translations meant for formal purposes. According to reviews, they perform excellent jobs, so you have nothing to worry about. 

Note that after translating, the agency’s editorial team reviews all jobs and makes corrections when necessary. This system of checks is like two-factor authentication, ensuring clients get the best.

2. Document Certification

Not all translations done by professional translators are standard. Some must meet all the certification requirements. So, it’s not enough for a translator to be a professional with a degree. 

Before rendering certification services, a translator must receive licensing from the ATA. Rapid Translate provides translators who meet all the certification requirements. 

Hence, these translators can certify your paperwork, proving its correctness, accuracy, and authenticity. Document certification is necessary for immigration translations, amongst other kinds. But whatever the purpose, a certified translator can handle the task on your behalf.

3. Translation Notarization

Notarization is yet another unique service that gives legal validity to documents. However, a notary is the official responsible for providing notarized translation. Hence, before notarizing a document, it must pass through the hands of an expert translator.

You will then take the translation to a notary, who reviews it and cross-checks the copies before you sign. After signing, the notary stamps and seals the document, making it globally valid. Some translation agencies, like Rapid Translate, have notaries who work with them to ensure seamless processes.

4. Interpretation

Interpretation is a big part of translation as they work hand in hand. People hire translators to rewrite documents in foreign languages and use interpreters for oral communication.

Interpreters are responsible for verbally translating spoken words to an audience who can’t understand the speaker’s language. Although translation and interpretation are similar, it’s rare to see a person who does both. That’s because the two professions require distinct skill sets and training.

Due to the need for interpretation, which translators rarely provide, translation agencies also work with interpreters. You can contact a translation agency to get one.

5. Localization 

Translation companies like this one offer localization services as well. Content localization involves translation, redesign, and format changes. When dealing with websites, it often requires back-end alterations to accommodate different writing structures.

Brands that want to make their craft appealing to different local cultures are the ones who seek this service. Luckily, this translation company can go the extra mile to create appealing content that respects cultural nuances and traditions.

6. Specialized Translations 

Specialized translations refer to those meant for certain international bodies. Therefore, such official document translations must comply with foreign laws and legal systems. The requirements for specialized translations are sometimes numerous and tasking. Hence, not all translation services cater to these.

However, Rapid Translate is one of the best service providers for specialized translations. This service includes personal, official, immigration, administrative, academic, and legal translations. 

Below are three examples of specialized translations that Rapid Translate handles:

All the above are regulatory government bodies responsible for monitoring immigration and residency affairs. These affairs involve stringent matters and require many application submissions with personal documents.

Some people need translation services for birth certificates, marriage certificates, and financial documents. However, each of the above bodies has different application procedures for processing documents. 

With expertise and experience, Rapid Translate provides quality specialized translations with a guarantee of acceptance. 

Why Does Rapid Translate Stand Out in the Translation Industry?

Rapid Translate stands out because it is devoted to accurate translations and complies with stipulated requirements. But beyond these, several other qualities make this agency prominent. Below are four of them.

1. Affordability

Did you know that you can get quality yet affordable translations? The idea might seem presumptuous, as most good translation services are expensive. They either charge hourly rates or bill their clients per work. 

Thankfully, Rapid Translate doesn’t follow any of those billing plans. Instead, this agency charges customers on a per-page basis. The price is static, no matter the length of the page. 

So, even if a translator takes 10 hours to render your document, you won’t lose any extra fees. This service offers numerous payment channels, so you can choose the one that’s most convenient for you. 

2. Availability of Expert Translators

Despite having a fair pricing plan, Rapid Translate works with the best translators. This agency’s translators are not only expert linguists but also understand cultural and grammatical nuances of languages.

While agencies are turning to automated translations, Rapid Translate maintains 100 percent genuine and professional human translation services. Before employing any translator, the agency checks their academic background and certification. 

Hence, some of the agency’s staff are ATA-certified translators. Rapid Translate sets routine tests to assess translators’ skills and proficiency and ensure they continue delivering accurate translations.

3. Timeliness

Rapid Translate handles tasks speedily without compromising quality. Several reviews mention that you can order a translation of a 3-page document and receive it in 1 day. Sometimes, the 24-hour duration doesn’t elapse before the agency delivers perfect jobs. 

Although the agency is prompt, those who need rush services can pay an extra fee to fast-track their order. In this case, the translation will occur within a few hours. Beyond being timely, clients can collect digital or physical copies of their certificates.

The company sends digital documents through email and physical ones by mail overnight. However, while overnight shipping guarantees delivery within a day, mailing may take several days. 

4. Language Combinations

The agency has translators available in over 60 languages. The translation fee remains the same even for highly complex translations. For example, the cost of a Spanish translation is the same as that of a Czechoslovakian translation.

Rapid Translate lets you get technical professionals in all niches and languages. These attributes lead to excellent Rapid Translate reviews. As an agency, we deliver all translation services and related ones with skill, precision, and expertise.

We never compromise on quality and are available 24/7 for all your translation needs. Upon request, we can help you transcend language barriers through accuracy. 

So, place an order and enjoy the power of seamless communication!

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