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Spanish Translation Services

Are you looking for an industry-leading service to perform Spanish translation
services with high accuracy?

You can translate various documents, including legal documents, business
contracts, and visa application documents. Also, we’ll share the top factors to
consider when finding a service to perform Spanish-to-English or English-to-
Spanish translations.

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How To Translate a Document From Spanish to English

There are four main options when considering how to translate a document from Spanish to English and the inverse.

  • Certified Translation Services
  • Freelance translators
  • Google Translate
  • Paid Certified translation tools

Keep reading to learn more about each of these professional Spanish translation services.

Certified Translation Services

Using a professional translator is an excellent way to receive Spanish translation services you can depend on. These services offer a wide range of benefits you cannot get from some of the other interpretation strategies on this list. Here are a few for your consideration:

Quality and accuracy: Humans work on the text to ensure the entire document you submit has an accurate translation. This is important where the accuracy of the translation will be securitized. For example, during a visa application or on a business contract.
Speed: Certified translation services tend to have a large team of bilingual or multilingual translators. This means someone is always available to translate a large PDF document in a short time. Therefore, you can rely on services like Rapid Translate for a last-minute Spanish-English translation. It can get you out of a tricky situation for time-sensitive translation when the deadline is fast approaching.
Simple upload process: Such services typically have a fast upload process for your convenience. Also, you can download the documents securely post-translation. This contributes to the useability of the service.
Trustworthiness: Customers highly trust services like Rapid Translate. Therefore, you can be confident that the company will handle your sensitive legal documents carefully. Privacy is essential when submitting documents with sensitive business matters or personal information.
Accepted by government agencies: Government entities accept translated documents by reputable agencies. Also, some provide notarized translations, so you’ll get a notary stamp. This might be required when dealing with some governments.

Google Translate

For lightweight English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English document translations, Google Translate is another option. Here’s what you need to know:

Accessible and free: Google Translate is something just about anyone can get their hands on. If you have an internet connection and access to Google, you can use Google Translate. On top of that, like many other services from the search engine giant, it’s completely free.
Quick and easy: It doesn’t get much easier than Google Translate. The software automatically detects languages as you type or copy past text and starts translating. In a matter of moments, you can have whole chunks of text from a Spanish document translated into English.
Lacks accuracy: Because Google Translate is a computer-generated tool, it isn’t always accurate. Often, it misunderstands casual phrases or conversational context in widely spoken native languages. Sometimes, it translates foreign languages too literally, creating unnatural and disjointed sentences. Other times, it uses outdated or country-specific words in translated content. For example, in Spanish-speaking countries, the Spanish spoken in Peninsular or European Spanish differs from South and Central American dialects.

Freelance English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English Document Translator

Are you considering using a freelance English-to-Spanish or Spanish-to-English document translator? Freelancers are a viable alternative to agencies. Just be sure to consider these differences:

Freelancer prices vs agency prices: Freelance translators may be more flexible with their rates. Agencies and online service providers often have a set rate and aren’t open to negotiation. But some contract workers are.
DIY vs white glove: If you work with an agency, they do all the vetting and background checks for you. They ensure the translator working on your order has the proper qualifications and language knowledge. But if you go the freelance route, you must do your homework to find the best Spanish translators. It takes time to research their track record and decide if you can trust them with your sensitive English or Spanish documents.
One vs a team: With an independent contractor, you work with just one person. That means you’re at the mercy of their bandwidth, availability, and unforeseen circumstances. With a service provider like Rapid Translate, however, you have access to an entire team of translators. They work around the clock all year on your translations.

Paid Software-based Translation Tools

Let’s say you’re looking for something more reliable than Google Translate, but you still want to go it alone. You could turn to advanced translation tools if you don’t want to use a freelance translator or a certified translation service provider. Here are the benefits and downsides:

Speed and efficiency: One of the most attractive aspects of digital online document translator tools is their speed and efficiency. That’s because they can translate large documents in just a few seconds. After all, processing speed is faster than a human’s document translation ability.
Fair Cost: Using paid translation tools tends to be cheaper than human translation services. Therefore, you can save money when translating big files such as a Spanish PDF or a scanned document.
Varying quality and accuracy: This is where AI tools suffer. Like Google Translate, they lack human judgment, expertise, and nuance. You may find that there are many mistakes and inaccuracies. Therefore, these tools work best when the accuracy of the translated version of your document is not a big deal.
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What Types of Documents Can You Translate From Spanish to English and the Opposite?

Do you want to find out what type of documents you can use Spanish translation services for? Understanding the available documents for translations gives you more ideas about the scope of the service:

Marriage certificate: You may want to translate your marriage certificate from Spanish to English to get it legally recognized. For example, in English-speaking countries, you can use a marriage certificate for visa applications.
Birth certificate: You can use your birth certificate for identity verification in English-speaking countries. However, you’ll need to translate it from the document's original language into English to be accepted.
Business documents: Use translation services to translate a wide range of business documents. This includes business plans, manuals, training material, and more. Also, agencies are great for translating large volumes of business documents for meeting deadlines.
Contracts: You can get contracts translated from Spanish to English if you want to understand them better. This could help you decide whether to proceed with a deal or take an employment opportunity.
Immigration documents: It’s important to receive accurate translations for immigration-related documents. This could be marriage and birth certificates. Without accurate translations, the Department of Immigration (and similar entities) could reject your visa application.
Academic documents: You can translate Spanish-to-English documents (or English-to-Spanish) relating to your studies. This includes academic PDF documents like transcripts, degrees, and diplomas. These documents may need a translation when you want to apply for universities or academic courses.
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How To Choose a Certified Document Translation Spanish-to-English Service

Are you wondering how to find the right certified document translation Spanish-to-English or English-to-Spanish service? In this section, we’ll list the factors you should consider when searching for a service that will match your needs. We’ll cover important aspects like reputation, price, accuracy, speed, etc.

  • Look at the Price

    Shop around so you can translate essential documents at a fair price. This is especially important if you need a large volume of documents translated on an ongoing basis. Here at Rapid Translate, we provide competitive prices for all types of document translations.

    Note that you get what you pay for. This means that choosing a service offering dirt-cheap prices may also lack quality. Therefore, you need to balance the cost and the translation accuracy you must achieve.

  • Read Up on Their Reputation

    You should check the background reputation of a service before hiring them for translation services For example, you can visit social media websites and look for relevant information. This allows you to set the right expectations by reading about the experiences of other users.

    Furthermore, you can visit websites like TrustPilot. This gives you access to the reviews of previous users. Therefore, you can uncover high-quality translation services like Rapid Translate, which has a TrustPilot score of 4.9.

  • Prioritize Accuracy and Quality

    Finding a translation service that offers high accuracy and quality is vital. This is especially important when translating documents into a target language for governments or business settings. That’s because incorrect translations may have severe negative consequences. For instance, a visa application may get rejected, which may lead to being deported.

    Therefore, consider reviewing the quality of a translation service before using it. You can place a small order to preview the translation service. This might be better than immediately asking for a considerable translation volume.

  • Aim for Speed

    Do you need the original documents translated in a short period of time? Then, you should find a translation service that provides a fast turnaround time. For example, Rapid Translate can translate up to 3 pages into a foreign language within 24 hours.

    Speed might be an important factor if you need to meet business deadlines. For instance, you may need to review business contracts in English and compare them to the original language. This gives you enough time to assess if the translation is accurate.

  • Seek Out Security

    Find a service that does a great job of protecting your personal data during the translation process. You may need to send confidential information to the translation service, such as your name, address, and passport number. Likewise, you may need to share sensitive business information you wouldn’t want the public to know about.

    Therefore, it’s vital to consider services that use the proper security protocols to keep your data safe. Ask the service for what steps they take to secure customer data and ensure it doesn’t get out into the public.

    Also, you could read up about a service and find out if they have had security breaches in the past. This will help you avoid red flags during the translation service selection process.

  • Investigate Their Customer Support Offerings

    Poor customer support can turn an easy translation order into a nightmare. You should be able to rely on customer support when you're unhappy with the translation. This means you can resolve inaccuracies so they don't repeat in future translations.

    Also, customers in Latin America may want to access support in Spanish. Therefore, look for services with customer support in several languages. It’s a massive advantage to ask questions in your native language.

  • Verify The Use of Human Translators

    Look for website translation services with real humans who can perform accurate translations. Humans can pay attention to the small technical details. This is important when translating contracts and other documents where grammar accuracy is paramount.

    In comparison, machine learning tools can make various errors that could cause the rejection of the translated document. For example, government institutions may reject documents that are too difficult to understand. Likewise, a business contract using the wrong definitions may get rejected, too.

    Here at Rapid Translate, you can count on human Spanish speakers to interpret and translate your documents.

    This ensures every translation has the highest levels of accuracy and comprehension possible. We do not use a translation tool to take shortcuts with your order.

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How Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish Translation Services Work

Now, let’s focus on using Spanish translation services. This is the process you will find at Rapid Translation, designed for ease of use. Therefore, you can start within just a few minutes of landing on the website. 

Here’s the step-by-step process for using an official language translation service:

  • Submit your documents: The process starts with submitting and selecting the relevant options. You can complete this process within 1 minute. Also, you’ll have a faster time if you review and organize the documents you want to submit beforehand.

  • Review: Next, you will get the translated documents you can review and ask for a revision free of charge.

  • Delivery: After you approve the translation, Rapid Translate will send it via email. Also, you can take advantage of optional mailing and notarization services.

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How to Use Rapid Translate to Translate an Official Document

If you need to translate a document, look no further than Rapid Translate. If you’re not sure how to start, we have you covered. We have native Spanish translators to interpret your text into English and vice versa. Here’s how to translate any of your documents quickly, easily, and accurately:

  • Start filling out your order form with your name and email address.

  • Upload the files you need to translate. We support a variety of formats, including PDF files.

  • Select the source language and the translation target language from the drop-down list. Rapid Translate's certified linguists can translate documents into multiple languages.

  • Select the number of pages requested for translation. Keep in mind that one page is 250 words or less.

  • Choose your turnaround time and delivery methods. We offer expedited services and delivery at an additional cost. However, we typically complete a translated document of 3 pages or less within 24 hours.

  • Enter your payment information.

  • Then, click on the green “Order Now” button.

That’s all it takes. Now sit back, relax, and let our certified, expert linguists translate your important documents.

Spanish Translation services: Order a Translation Today!

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If you need a translation into a widely spoken language, Rapid Translate's professional linguists will get the job done. We can translate to and from over 60 languages. The best part? It’s quick and affordable. So what are you waiting for? Order Now to solve all of your multi-lingual problems.

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