Driver License Translation: Learn How To Get the Best One!

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Apr 01, 2024 | 8 min read

As you grow and take more societal responsibilities, your national documents increase. For example, you must obtain a license to start driving in any country. This license also comes in handy when migrating to a foreign country. So, where can you get a driver license translation for this purpose?

Several places and avenues exist to get a translation of your driver’s license. This article outlines some of these for you to explore. You’ll also learn how to translate your driver’s license yourself. 

Why is the translation of drivers license important? Read further to find all the details.

A U.S. officer checks a lady’s driver’s license at a border crossing.

Why Get an International Translation of Driver’s License

An international translation of driver’s license is important when migrating to another country. The translated document helps local authorities and car rental and insurance agencies verify your credentials and abilities as a driver. 

Recall that you must pass theoretical and practical tests before your local issues your license. Thus, this license serves to certify that you are a competent driver. Therefore, you must translate this document so that foreign authorities can understand and work with it. 

Translating your driver’s license also helps your immigration process and visa approval. This license is one of the documents you need for a UK visitor visa. Other European countries also require this document. 

Your driver’s license is a personal and national identifier. It contains some details about you that help identify you as an individual. Your driver’s license also states the issuing country identifies you as a citizen or resident of that country. 

So, a driver’s license translation reinforces your visa application for many countries. Additionally, it becomes a handy document in your early migration days. With your translated license, you can get around your new home without your visa.

This document will help authorities and organizations requiring identification verification, like banks and insurance companies.

The driving school instructor and student stand on track to take lessons.

Is Translating a Driver’s License Mandatory in a Foreign Country?

You must translate your driver’s license to the official language of a foreign country to maintain its validity. However, that is true when the permit from your country is acceptable in the target country. 

For instance, a driving license from a European Union (EU) Country is valid in any EU member state. You only need an official translation for proper verification. However, if you got your license from a non-member state, you must apply for an international license

Nevertheless, the requirement for a driving license and its translation differs by country and region. So, conduct proper research about the requirements for your target country and act accordingly.

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Where To Find Translators for Driver’s License

After diligent research, you may find that your target country accepts your home country’s driver’s license. So, to help with your migration and maintain its validity, you may only need to translate it into their official language. 

Automatically, the next step is to find a translator for this task. It’s best to search for where to translate legal documents when searching for such translators. This section recommends two ways to find reliable translators for this task. 

1. Find Professional Translators on Freelance Platforms

Many certified legal document translators work as freelancers, offering translation services to those demanding them. Some of them have earned certification for specific language pairs and have translating experience spanning years. 

You can find such professionals on freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. These digital skill markets allow you to find compatible talents for your projects. The developers designed the platforms for transparency and security for all parties during the project. 

You needn’t fear about hiring the wrong person. Besides having a pool of translators to choose from, you can view their profiles to learn about each. There, you’ll find their digital resume and reviews from previous employers. 

With this platform, you can find as many professional translators as you desire with any skill or certification level.

2. Get a Translator From a Certified Translation Agency

Each year, the translation industry continues to grow as translation demands increase. As a result, several translation agencies now offer foreign language document translations

Many of these train their translators from native speakers for specific language pairs. Others hire certified professionals to offer translation services for their clients. Whatever the case, you can rest assured of translation accuracy when working with a reputable translation company. 

However, modern translation services often take place online. So, it is difficult to find a physical office for translation agencies; it is easier to find them online. A simple way to find translation agencies online is by searching the keyword “Certified translation agency near me.”

Google will respond to this query by listing the business profiles of some translation agencies around you. Your device location usually helps Google find the closest options. You can review the companies’ profiles from the list and choose an agency to work with.

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How To Translate Drivers License to English

When moving to the U.S. or another English-speaking country, you must translate your documents into English to keep them valid. These documents may include your driver’s license. 

Although your driver’s license is physically small and contains few words, it is a weighty document in immigration. The presence of a translated document can help in your immigration process and domestication in an English country. But how can you translate your license into English? 

You can follow the suggestions in the preceding section to hire a professional translator for English translation services. That could be a freelancer or a translator working with a translation agency. 

These translators are usually certified translators for English and your native language pair. Thus, they ensure you get an accurate translation that meets the requirements of the specific authority you’re translating for. 

Nevertheless, if you’re fluent in English and your native language, you can translate your driver’s license into English. That is especially possible when the authorities do not require a certified translation of your driver’s license. 

If you want to translate your license into English, follow these five steps below to do a proper job: 

  1. Find a template for the English translation of a driver’s license. 
  2. Translate the document from your native language into English. 
  3. Make a bilingual review of your draft to ensure accuracy in the contextual translation. 
  4. Edit the draft and standardize the translation in structure and tone. 
  5. Finish with a final review to ensure you meet all the translation requirements.

These five steps will guide you in making an accurate and acceptable translation for any English authority. 

Does UCCIS Require Driver License Translation? 

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires you to present your translated driver’s license when filing an immigration request. Your driver’s license is one of the immigration documents the USCIS requires, and you must translate all documents into English. 

However, you must not present a certified or notary translation. Anyone can translate for the USCIS, provided they can translate accurately in the language pair. They then verify the translation using the original copy they request.

If you plan to migrate or visit the US, you must file your visa application with the USCIS. The USCIS reviews visa applications for approval. So, it is important to stick to their guideline and requirements, including translation requirements, when filing a request.

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All You Need To Know About DMV Translations

Besides the USCIS, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) also has specific interests in your driver’s license. The DMV is a U.S. state department responsible for certifying drivers and registering vehicles. 

A foreign driver looking for a license or registering a vehicle with foreign permits may need to translate their documents. However, these requirements differ across states since the DMV is a state department. 

Some states, like California, stipulate that drivers must translate all their documents into English to register a vehicle. Other states accept foreign licenses, while others demand state-issued permits. 

Nevertheless, whenever you need DMV translations, the body requires that you use a DMV-approved translator. The DMV certifies specific translators in each state and only accepts translated documents from these professionals. 

So, when you need a DMV translation, find a certified translator to get an approved translation for your foreign documents. 

Other authorities in the U.S. and elsewhere accept accurate driver license translation from any source, especially if it’s certified. So, you can find a reputable translation agency to translate your license for other authorities.

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