Pashto Translation: How To Get Accurate Services

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Jul 08, 2024 | 8 min read

Pashto, an Eastern Iranian language, is popular in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. Over 44 million people speak it as a first language, and over 4 million others speak it as a second language. So, translating it to and from other languages is often necessary. But how can you get a Pashto translation?

Due to the language’s popularity, several companies offer Pashto translations to multiple other languages. Although you can get human translations, several machine translation applications also cover the language. 

So, if you’re curious about how to get these services, this article is for you! 

Who Is a Pashto Translator, and How Does One Qualify?

Pashto translators relay messages in text or spoken form from Pashto to other languages. These translators do the same by interpreting from different languages to Pashto. They can read, write, and speak to Pashto speakers in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.

Since Pashto translation can be tricky, these professionals sometimes need to know how to speak English first. This is because they can instead use English to translate between groups who do not speak the same dialect. 

Only professionals handling its written and spoken content can translate in Pashto language. They must also adhere to the correct tone and style of messages. Cultural knowledge is also crucial since it helps to ensure authentic and meaningful communication. 

As for other languages, Pashto translation requires specific tools to improve efficiency. These tools include computers, recording software, and other programs that assist in translating and sending information. 

To translate Pashto, you must understand Pashto and another language. For instance, native-level fluency in Pashto and English fluency are excellent combinations. 

If you’re a native speaker, most translation agencies require that you take proficiency exams. These requirements apply to people who speak Pakistani Pashto or Afghan Pashto. On the other hand, if you learned the language in school, you’d also need to take an exam. 

Degrees in Pashto are helpful for non-native speakers. However, a minor in the language may not help in your translation career. 

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Where To Get English to Pashto Translation

The demand for translations in many languages, including Pashto, has increased recently. This could be a result of businesses expanding their operations into different countries. However, the accessibility of translation services is also growing. 

For instance, Many translation companies offer English to Pashto translation services. While most companies operate exclusively online, they provide some level of flexibility. So, here are the top three offering quality translations from English to Pashto.

1. Absolute Translations

Absolute Translations, a highly-rated translation company in the UK, offers top Pashto translation services. First, the company provides certified services in the language for businesses, individuals, and government agencies. 

Absolute Translations has helped brands branch into markets in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan through its services. Operating for over two decades, it has also gained recognition from notable agencies, including the Passport office.

The company’s translations cover multiple areas, including legal and immigration documents. Since the company works with native speakers, it only provides accurate services. It also comprises qualified translators who provide notarized or sworn translations when necessary. 

Getting a translation from this company is pretty straightforward. Here is how:

  1. Visit the Absolute Translations website.
  2. Head to the menu and select the languages you’re working with. Then, select the source and target languages. 
  3. Select the document you need to translate and check the price and other options. 
  4. Make your order by paying and sending the document you wish to translate. 
  5. Wait for one or two working days to receive your translated document. 

The agency charges based on the number of words in your document. Still, the company has provided a calculator on its site, allowing customers to check the costs beforehand. 

2. Rush Translate

Rush Translate works with professional Pashto translators to offer translation services from English m. The company’s translators, composed of native speakers, are also fluent in English. Thus, they provide reliable services. 

Before hiring translators, the company strictly vets candidates to ensure they meet the highest standards. Since certified Pashto translations are mainly for official purposes, the company takes time to ensure they meet the requirements. 

Rush Translate pays attention to Pashto documents required for applications to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Translations used in courts, universities, and federal, state, and local government agencies also follow strict standards. 

Rush Translate is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and one of the largest translation companies. It provides services to thousands of businesses each year and covers multiple languages, including Pashto. 

To get Pashto Translations from the company: 

  1. Visit the Rush Translate website on your computer browser and choose Start Your Order.
  2. Enter your details and select your language pair, which is English and Pashto.
  3. Choose the number of pages you wish to translate and upload the document. 
  4. Choose your desired options, make the payment, and complete your order. 
  5. A Pashto language translator from the company will create a translation of your document. 
  6. The company will forward the translated copy back to you. 

When working with this company, you can request an expedited turnaround. You can also get hard copies and notarization if necessary. 

3. ImmiTranslate

ImmiTranslate’s Pashto translation services mainly cover immigration documents. This agency works with expert translators with years of experience in the field. The company charges $25 per page for its services, and certification and physical copies are included in the package.

Besides creating highly acceptable translations, ImmiTranslate considers cultural and linguistic factors when interpreting English to Pashto. As a result, you can get documents that are valid in multiple U.S. agencies and worldwide. 

The company pays attention to confidentiality and security when offering translation services. Having worked with thousands of individuals and brands in translating this language pair, you can be sure of accuracy. 

To use this company’s services, visit its website and hit the Translate Now button to create an account. 

Choose your language pair, upload your document, make the payment, and confirm your order to continue. In addition to the flat fee per page, you can pay $0.10 per word for standard translations. 

Which AI Translators Support Pashto?

Google Translate and Microsoft Bing Translator offer Pashto translations. Remember that Artificial Intelligence (AI) translators are sometimes more time-efficient. They are also mostly free and easy to use, making them quite popular. 

These translators are helpful when urgent translation needs arise. While they aren’t as accurate as human translations, they are still convenient. 

For instance, you cannot use them for official translations, especially since you’ll need certification. Still, they are effective Pashto converters.

Where To Get Pashto Translation to English

Due to its status as one of Afghanistan’s official languages, Pashto’s popularity keeps growing over time. For this reason, it is often necessary to translate the language into other languages, such as English. But where can you get a Pashto translation to English?

Most companies offering English translation to Pashto also translate from Pashto to English.  Still, a couple of agencies stand out when it comes to quality. 

1. Language Scientific

Language Scientific offers Pashto-to-English translations of medical, technical, and scientific documents. The company also provides localization and interpretation services between Pashto and other languages. 

This American-based company also provides software, mobile app localization, and website translation. It offers on-demand phone interpreting and professional interpreting services. The company’s robust network of translators allows it to provide subject-specific services that you may find helpful. 

To hire this company for your translation needs, visit its website and request a quote. This will allow you to determine the cost of your task. Then, create an account, schedule a consultation, and place your order.

2. Elite Translingo

Elite Translingo is one of the best Pashto translators you’ll find. The company offers competitive rates for these language services despite only working with native speakers. To maintain consistency, the company uses translation memory.

In addition, Elite Translingo provides editing and proofreading services. In this case, the company’s linguists and translators help optimize accuracy before delivering the final version. Even here, only professionals well-versed in Pashto translate your documents.

The company’s certified and experienced translators even provide subject matter expertise. As a result, it covers areas like medicine, education, history, literature, engineering, and other science-related fields. Visit the Elite Translingo website to get started.

Besides the growing demand for Pashto translation, there is also the need to translate multiple other languages. If this is the case for you, consider going for Rapid Translate for certified translations of your documents and certificates. 

This agency offers services with one of the fastest turnaround times you’ll get. While it charges $27.99 per page, it provides absolute value for your money’s worth. 

In addition to its 100% acceptance rate, you can ensure safe and secure service delivery. 

So, what are you waiting for? Order today to enjoy smooth communication!

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