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Chinese Translation Services

Are you interested in a Chinese translation service for processing your documents?
You can get a wide range of documents translated from traditional Chinese to
English with a professional service. This includes birth certificates, business
contracts, academic papers, and more.

We’ll share all the details for choosing the best Chinese translation service for your
needs. This includes considering factors like customer support, price, quality,
turnaround time, and security. We'll also share the different types of documents
that you can get translated from Chinese to English.

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How To Translate Document From Chinese to English

If you need to translate documents from Chinese to English or translate from English to Chinese, you have several options. The most popular methods available to you include:

  • Translation services
  • Google Translate
  • Freelance translators
  • Paid translation tools

We’ll cover each method in more detail to help you decide the best choice for your Chinese translation project.

Chinese Document Translation Services

Let’s start by considering the noteworthy aspects of Chinese document translation services. There are many positive aspects to these services that contribute to the best translations online.

Quality and accuracy: Reputable English translation services will use human translators fluent in the Chinese language to complete your project. This is superior to using automated tools since the quality is much better. For instance, you can expect grammar that makes sense and the correct definitions. Human translators understand localization and culture nuances to provide quality Chinese translation services. Additionally, you can rest assured your translation goes through a rigorous proofreading and editing session to ensure accuracy.
Turnaround time: You can expect fast turnaround time for translation agencies with an established reputation. For example, Rapid Translate can process up to 3 documents within 24 hours. Translation services typically have a staff of bilingual translators on hand to work on your project immediately. This is ideal for people who need official Chinese translation services at the last minute to meet an impending deadline.
Government-approved: Chinese translation services can provide translation that government agencies will accept. This is vital when you need to apply for a visa. 
Good reputation: Shop around and find Chinese translation projects completed by reputable vendors. You can look into the reputation of the service on social media websites and review websites like Trustpilot. For instance, Rapid Translate scores 4.9 out of 5 based on TrustPilot. This gives you the peace of mind that you can expect excellent service from a leading Chinese translation company. 
Efficient upload process: Most services provide an easy-to-use upload process that helps speed up orders. With just a click of a button, you can have all the documents you need in the translation queue. 

Translate Documents From English To Chinese With Freelancers

You can use a freelancer to translate documents from English to Chinese. They are a worthwhile alternative to agencies, but here are some of the most significant differences:

Unpredictable turnaround time: A freelancer's delivery time may be unreliable. They might be busy with a big order or go away on vacation. Therefore, getting documents translated in time for your deadline might be challenging.
Expertise: The freelancer may not have the specific knowledge you need to complete your translation job. For example, you want to translate a business contract from Chinese to English. An agency might have someone on staff who has translated those document types before.
Extra research: You’ll typically need to spend more time researching freelancers before hiring. You want to ensure your translator understands Chinese characters, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese and other dialects or language nuances. This step is essential to verify the quality and track record of freelancers. In comparison, the online footprint of agencies is more extensive, thus making background research easier.

Google Translate

You can find Google Translate within the Google search engine, and it’s a good choice for a simplified Chinese translation. Here are the positives of Google Translate:

Speed: The tool can provide instant text translations, which is ideal when speed is essential. Google Translate will display immediate Chinese translations in a box alongside the entry field.
Free: There is no cost for using Google Translate. So, it’s available to anyone who needs to translate Chinese documents or use it for casual Chinese language services.
Convenience: The ease of use for using Google Translate is one of its biggest benefits. 

However, Google Translate comes with significant drawbacks, which are as follows:

Not for large documents: You cannot use the tool for large legal documents, translating manuals for medical devices, or other complicated texts.
Accuracy and reliability: You cannot expect the translated text to be highly accurate. In fact, the grammar might be poor, and some words could be left untranslated. Google Translate does not compare to native Chinese translators or professional linguists.
No certification or notarization options: You cannot obtain certified translations or a notary for your Google Translate interpretation. If you need a certification or notary, seek a translation company that provides professional translation services.

Paid Automated Translation Tools

As the world of automated tools and AI develops, the quality of Chinese translations also improves. However, they are still incomparable to human-certified Chinese translators. Here’s a summary of what you need to know about paid automated translation tools:

Price: The cost of paid automated translation tools is usually cheaper than freelancers or agencies. However, it depends on the pricing model since some tools are subscription-based while others charge based on use.
Speed: Translation tools are almost instantaneous, even for large translation jobs. Therefore, these tools are a good choice for Chinese to English translations with a tight deadline. 
Quality: Unfortunately, paid translation tools are not comparable to human translations. These AI technologies are still under development and don’t always have factual or accurate information. Therefore, these tools are not the best choice if you need quality Chinese translations.
Large documents: Unlike Google Translate, you can translate large Chinese documents. 
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English To Chinese Translation Service: Document Types You Can Translate

Here are a few of the documents you can submit to an English to Chinese translation service:

Marriage certificates: You can get an accurate translation of your marriage certificate, which is handy when applying for a visa while married. Make sure to get them translated from reputable translation services.
Birth certificate: You may need your birth certificate translated into English for identity verification. However, a notarized translation might be required to ensure government agencies accept it.  
Contracts: Accurate contact translations might be required to finalize a business deal or buy real estate. Ideally, the translation service should have expertise in processing the type of contracts you need. The document's accuracy ensures that the other party accepts it. Also, legal document translations must have the correct definitions to ensure they are legally binding. 
Business documents: The range of business documents you can get translated includes business plans, training material, manuals, and more. When dealing with international clients, you may need to translate these and other technical documents into different languages. Whether you're traveling to Taiwan, Singapore, Beijing or any other areas where you might need an interpreter, transcription or translation, you might need a Chinese translation service.
Academic documents: Translating academic documents may be required when researching in a foreign language. You can translate a wide range of research material into English. Also, you can translate the necessary documents when applying for an educational course. This can include a cover letter or identity documents.
Immigration documents: Translate your immigration documents when applying for a visa or proving your identity abroad. For example, you may need a USCIS certified translation of your proof of income or a marriage certificate. Also, you can get the documents notarized with a service like Rapid Translate. This step might be required to ensure government agencies accept them. 
Medical documents: Obtaining and translating your medical records into another official language is essential. You'll receive quicker care, reducing your risk of medical error. This is exceptionally helpful if you relocate to a new country and establish new medical care.
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How To Choose a Chinese to English Translation Service

Do you want to know how to select a Chinese to English translation service? Here are the top factors to consider:

  • Turnaround Time

    Look for services that offer a fast turnaround time so you receive a certified translation completed in time for deadlines. This is especially vital when you must process a visa application in time or finalize contracts. Here at Rapid Translate, we can process up to 3 documents within 24 hours.

  • Security

    You may need to submit documents with sensitive information for the translation process. For example, pharmaceutical companies may submit documents related to a recipe for a new drug. Alternatively, you may need to submit your passport or other personal identity documents.

    You wouldn’t want this information to get out into the public, so choosing a translation service that guarantees your security is crucial. Ask what their security processes include for your peace of mind.

  • Quality and Accuracy

    You want the highest level of quality and accuracy, whether you’re translating marketing materials or marriage certificates. When looking for accurate translations, you need to look at samples. Also, investigate the reputation of a service to set the right expectations.

    Here at Rapid Translate, we offer professional translations completed by experienced translators. We have native speakers, certified translators and professional linguists available to provide accurate translations. Therefore, you can depend on the highest quality certified translations in the industry.

  • Customer Support

    Find services with strong customer support that help answer questions and solve problems. Firstly, the support team must be responsive so you’re not stuck in a long wait. Also, multiple communication methods, including live chat, phone, and email, should be available to keep contact accessible.

    Consider contacting the customer support team before hiring Chinese translators. This allows you to evaluate the customer support team and judge if it matches your expectations.

  • Verify the Reputation

    Researching the reputation of a service providing English translations is a must. This allows you to determine if there are red flags you should be aware of before hiring. Look at social media platforms and websites like Trustpilot. It’s also a red flag if you cannot find a verifiable online reputation.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Shop around, and you’ll get reasonable prices for your translation job. However, you get what you pay for, so don’t choose the cheapest option. Find a mix of low-cost and reasonable pricing to get the best deal. Sometimes, you may find services offering discounts for bulk or ongoing orders. For example, when you need your content translated into many languages for localization translations. Before you commit to a service, request a quote to compare prices.

  • Human Touch

    Don’t go with services that use automated tools to process your translation jobs. You need real human translators that can provide the best quality and accuracy. This includes making the nuanced judgment calls that lead to getting correct technical translations. Government agencies may not accept AI content, especially if inaccurate.

  • Accepts Revisions

    The translation service should accept revisions so you can ask for a rewrite for errors or inaccuracies. Therefore, you can be confident that the end result will match your expectations. Also, submitting revisions should be fast so there’s no significant delay in meeting deadlines.

  • Offerings

    Choose a translation service that matches your needs. If you're a business looking to expand in foreign markets, you might need training videos or video messages with subtitles. Or, you might need help from a native speaker to provide transcriptions. Do your due diligence to ensure the service you choose encompasses your translation needs.

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Certified Chinese Translation Service: Order Your Translation Today!

Don't hesitate to go with a reputable service when you need documents translated from Chinese to English. Considering the factors above, you can find a certified Chinese translation service that matches your requirements.

To order a Chinese-to-English translation from a reliable agency, try Rapid Translate. We are a legitimate translation service with a long list of happy customers. Our expert linguists are fluent in multiple languages. We offer high-quality translations into a variety of official languages from different countries.

We can provide translations in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, French, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Greek and more. We can take your global communication to new heights. This includes connecting with different cultures, studying abroad, and conducting international business.

Let Rapid Translate provide solutions for all your language translation needs. order now to receive a top-quality translated document.

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