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Portuguese Translation Services

Are you in the market for reputable Portuguese Translation services you can hire
today? In this article, we’ll reveal the criteria you should use for finding a
trustworthy service. Additionally, we’ll share what types of documents you can
translate from Portuguese to English or from Portuguese to English.

Overall, translation services should have good customer support, fair prices, fast
turnaround time, and reliable security. This is the ideal mix for getting translated
documents you need, whether for applying to university or creating a business contract.

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An English grammar book sitting on a desk representing professional Portuguese translation services.

How Can I Translate a Document From Portuguese to English and Vice Versa?

Let’s start by considering the different methods of translating Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese. The four most common options are:

  • Translation Services
  • Freelance translators
  • Google Translate
  • Paid translation tools

Some are free but have low accuracy, while others require a fee but come with better quality. Read on to see which Portuguese or English translation service is best for you.

Document Translation Services: English to Portuguese and Vice Versa

Are you looking for reliable and trusted ways to get your documents translated? Then, choose document translation services from English to Portuguese (or the inverse). There are multiple benefits to using a translation service:

Processing speed: Do you need your documents translated fast? Agencies are a good option because they typically have a team of dedicated European and Brazilian Portuguese translators. Therefore, a translation service can work on your order on the same day of submission. For example, here at Rapid Translate, we can process up to 3 pages within 24 hours. This is excellent if you need to make a deadline for submitting the translated documents.
Offerings: Ideally, you want a service that is a one-stop shop. You want a service that provides translators with vast expertise, translation certification, and a notary. Some companies may even offer transcription services.
Quality and accuracy: Reputable translation services for Portuguese to English offer quality work. That’s because you’ll get human translators that don't use automated translation tools. For example, they understand the cultural nuances and technical aspects of European or Brazilian Portuguese translations into English or vice versa.
Fast upload process: The steps required to upload the documents for translation should be fast. This is especially important when you plan to use the service regularly. Also, the download and revision request process should be fast.
Government agency approved: Most services produce document translations that are accepted by government agencies. This is perfect if you are applying for a visa or verifying your identity in English-speaking countries. Rapid Translate is one of these services, and we provide notary stamps.
Great reputation: You can find translation services that have a great reputation. Therefore, you can trust them with your sensitive documents. It’s ideal when you need to submit documents with sensitive personal or company information. Rapid Translate has a TrustPilot score of 4.9 out of 5, which indicates it’s a trusted translation service.

Freelance Translator

Another way to get an English translation of Portuguese documents (or the opposite) is by using a freelance translator. Here are the main things to keep in mind:

Rate flexibility: Unlike an agency or service provider, freelancers set their own prices. Because they work independently, they may be more willing to adjust their price to get more customers.
Options aplenty: There are thousands of freelance translators out there. You can find them quickly on contracting platforms like UpWork. These services allow you to filter and search until you find someone who can do the job at the best price.
Extra work: A downside of choosing an independent contractor is that you have to do all the legwork. With a document translation service, you don’t have to worry about reading resumes and vetting your translator. But with freelance translators, you have to do your homework.
Lack of Guarantee: Official services and tools can guarantee delivery, deadlines, and accuracy. With a freelancer, you don’t necessarily have that same luxury.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a fast and easy solution to translate your important documents. The tool can translate from English to Portuguese or Portuguese to English, as well as a myriad of other languages. You can use Google Translate when you need fast translations for short blocks of text and if a submission isn’t required. Here are some of the core advantages of using Google Translate:

It’s fast: The most significant advantage of using Google Translate is that it's incredibly fast. All you have to do is pick your language and start typing. Or, copy and paste your text into the translation boxes.
It’s free: There’s no fee for using Google Translate.
It’s easily accessible: All you have to do is search for Google Translate in your browser’s search engine.

It’s important to highlight that Google Translate is not the ideal choice for translations when accuracy and quality are important. The tool is not able to translate on the same level as humans. This is especially true where technical documents and correct definitions are required.

Paid Translation Tools

Paid translation tools are another viable option that offers fast translations from Portuguese to English or the opposite. If you’re wondering why, it’s because tools can process text quicker than Portuguese speakers. However, there are also a few downsides to using paid tools. These include:

Lack of Accuracy. Portuguese to English and English-to-Portuguese translations can lack accuracy when using paid tools. That’s because the automated tools tend to misunderstand the definitions. Typically, these tools also translate literally, creating “strange” text.
Cost. Paying for tools that provide Portuguese translation services can be pricey. If you choose this route, do due diligence to ensure you get the most value for your money.
Unofficial. Many government agencies require certified translations from a human. Paid translation tools don’t provide this certification due to a lack of human element.

Therefore, paid translation tools aren’t the best choice when you need the text for official or business settings. You’ll find that government agencies may reject these translations. Also, you cannot get a stamp from a notary, which limits the use case for the translations.

A woman looking at a European Portuguese dictionary for her Portuguese translation project.

What Document Types Can You Translate From Portuguese to English?

Are you unsure what documents you can translate? Here are a few ideas to consider for your next translation order. When you’re in Portugal or a Portuguese-speaking country, having the help of a competent translation service is helpful.

Birth certificates: You may need a birth certificate translated when getting a visa approved. However, ensuring the document is translated accurately and has a notary stamp is important. This ensures the document's acceptance by government agencies.
Marriage certificate: You may also require the translation of marriage certificates with a visa application. Professional translators can help you with marriage document translations that will get accepted. Here at Rapid Translate, we can translate documents within 24 hours for your convenience.
Business documents: Portuguese native speakers may need to translate documents into English. Accurate translations are important as they ensure clients' understanding and increase communication. Also, translating business contracts ensures you understand the fine details.
Contracts: You may need to translate contracts before signing on the dotted line. After all, you must understand the small details of the contract. Therefore, choose a Portuguese document translation service you can depend on. Rapid Translate has a history of successful contact translations.
Immigration documents: It’s important to get a notary stamp on immigration documents to certify their accuracy. However, you cannot get a notary stamp from random freelancers or paid translation tools. That’s why you should choose a trusted service like Rapid Translate.
Academic documents: You can get a wide range of academic documents translated. This includes research papers, journals, and exams. You may also need to translate your application to universities and colleges.
Medical records: If you’re immigrating to a new country, it’s important to translate your medical records. This helps avoid medical errors, allows for effective communication and enhances patient understanding.
A person translating legal documents from  Portuguese speaking countries on a computer at a desk.

Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese Translation Services: How To Choose the Right One

Selecting Engish or Portuguese translation services to trust with your order is easy when you know what to look for. In this section, we’ll outline the noteworthy factors you need to consider to ensure your translation is accurate.

  • Price

    You want the best price for your translation order without compromising quality. Therefore, strike the right balance between getting a good price and a service that offers accurate translations.

    Compare several translation services to see how the quality and prices compare. You may need to place a sample order to review the quality first-hand. Then, you can decide on the service worth the price.

  • Certified Translation Services Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese

    You can use certified translation services from Portuguese to English or vice versa when you need official documents translated. Make sure they can also provide a notary stamp. This is required for legal documents such as business contracts, proof of identity, and immigration paperwork.

    The website of the translation service typically shares the kind of documents they process. If you can’t see the document type for your order, contact customer support. They will help clarify if your document translation order will be accepted.

    The best translation service will accept a wide range of documents. That’s because they have legal translation experts with experience with different document types.

  • Customer Support

    Find translation services with excellent customer support. In fact, consider testing the support by trying to contact them and ask a few questions. Good customer support is a great sign of a competent overall service.

    Also, there should be multiple communication methods so you can use the ones that match your preferences. For instance, live chat is great for asking a few charity questions quickly, whereas email is great for typing out longer questions.

  • Accepts Revisions

    You can count on your translated content to go through multiple proofreading sessions with a professional translation company. However, you may encounter instances where there are a few inaccuracies or mistakes with your translation. This happens with human translations. However, the translation service should provide revisions. It gives you peace of mind that you can get the translation you need.

    Furthermore, the process for requesting translations must be fast to avoid delays. This is especially important when you need the translation in time for a deadline. Competent translators give priority to revisions and understand the urgency.

  • Human Translators

    Look for services that only use multilingual human translators for text interpretation. Text translated by humans is more accurate and grammatically correct. Machine-based translation services might use incorrect grammar and contain inconsistencies. Also, free tools can leave words or sentences untranslated. You might see this with regard to slang or language localization.

    Human translators are required when using a notary and for document acceptance by government agencies. Also, humans provide the right terminology when translating business or academic documents.

  • Speed

    Find translation services that provide a fast turnaround time for your order. This might be important for meeting a business deadline or visa application. Typically, established translation services will have a large team of translators. Using a reliable translation ensures your order processes within a few days.

    Rapid Translate can process 3 documents in under 24 hours. This ensures you receive translations promptly in case of emergencies.

  • Reputation

    Investigate the reputation of a website translation service to set the right exceptions. You can visit websites like TrustPilot and social media portals. Take note of what other customers have to say about the quality of the translations. You’ll also see a lot of comments about the customer service experiences.

    Researching the company’s reputation helps you avoid scammers or services with a bad track record. This is especially important if the stakes for getting your translation correct are high.

  • Accuracy and Quality

    Pay attention to the accuracy and quality of the translation to ensure it’s accepted wherever it’s used. You can ask to see sample translations or read the experiences of their customers to gauge the quality.

    Also, instead of placing a large order, you can start with a smaller one that allows you to determine if the service is worthwhile. You can trust Rapid Translate to deliver accurate work with every order. However, in the rare case that you spot mistakes, you can always ask for a revision.

  • Security

    Make sure to find a translation service that you can trust to keep your personal information safe. It’s common to submit personal information such as your name, address, phone number, and business details. The service needs to have secure protocols to ensure these details don’t get out into the public.

    Unfortunately, hacks happen all the time, so no system is 100% secure. However, you should ask what security protocols translation services use to reduce the chances of a breach. This should give you the confidence to place an order.

A man sitting at a desk representing native Portuguese translators working at a Portuguese translation agency.

How to Order Portuguese Translation Services Through Rapid Translate

Do you need to translate your important documents from Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese? Rapid Translate has you covered. Here’s how to easily order your translation:

  • Input your full name and email address on the Rapid Translate order page.

  • Upload your documents.

  • Select the languages you want to translate from and to.

  • Choose how many pages need translating, your delivery speed and your delivery method. Standard processing is three pages or less within 24 hours. We also provide expedited processing. With this option, our expert translators translate your documents within 12 hours.

  • Enter your payment information.

  • Click on the green “Order Now” button.

It’s as simple as that. Rapid Translate is one of the fastest and most accurate translation services in the industry.

Brazilian Portuguese Translation Services - Place an Order Today!

You can hire Brazilian Portuguese translation services here at Rapid Translate. We process orders for a wide range of documents, from business contracts to marriage certificates. Get in touch with our customer support department to learn more. Our expert linguists can translate your important documents from Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese quickly and accurately.  

Don't waste your time with inferior services when you can get high quality at a competitive price. So what are you waiting for? Let Rapid Translate translate documents from their original, official language into your target world language with high accuracy. Order Now to start your language journey!

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