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Certified Translation Services for your Documents and Certificates

Get a Certified Document Translation fast, easy and accurately for just $27.99 / page.

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We Have Professional Translators for Official Needs, Notarization Included

A certified translation service is sometimes required when it comes to translating important and official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, transcripts and more. A certified translation is different to a regular translation. It guarantees satisfaction of all the requirements needed for the document to be accepted as a legal translation. This way, a document written in any language (such as French, Urdu, German etc.) can be translated to English and used for legal purposes in an English speaking country such as the United States or UK.

A certified document translation states clearly that the translation is accurate & complete, and the professional translator accepts responsibility for this situation. It is also signed, stamped and dated by the translation provider. Notarization services are also available at an additional cost.

If a translation is not certified, it may fail to comply with regulations of institutions such as the USCIS, UKVI, or Department of State. This can mean rejected visas, slow application processes, and background checks. In summary, Rapid Translate offers certified translation that include:

  • A statement confirming the translator's qualifications.
  • A statement of the completeness and accuracy of the translated document.
  • Identification of the translated document and the language used.


Look, we get it; applying for a visa can be expensive. In fact, you're probably going to need a translation for more than just your Certified Translations. That's why we insist on being affordable, always.

At a low price of just $27.99 per page, you can rely on Rapid Translate to provide certified translations for your documents, super rapid.

$27.99 Per page
  • 100% USCIS Acceptance Guarantee
  • Birth Certificates Translated within 24 hours
  • Certified by a Professional Translator

Notarized Translation Services

A key question regarding legal document translation is notarization. A notarized translation is stamped by a government-authorized notary, an “official witness”. The notarization step ensures that the translator is who they say they are, and notarizing a document is an extra level of security sometimes required by government institutions.

Online notarization services are a great way to get your document notarized remotely. Remote online notarization carries the same legal weight as an in-person notarization, and Rapid Translate offers this service for documents ranging from birth certificates to marriage certificates and much more, at a low price of $27.99

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the USA, anybody can certify a translation, in theory. This means that you can also certify your own translation as being complete and accurate. However, while not expressly forbidden by some institutions, if you are applying for a high-importance result such as an immigration visa, then this may be grounds for rejection.

In other words, certifying your document yourself, or having a family member certify it, can get your visa rejected. For this reason, it is best to have a professional document translation service or company do the work.

Just upload your original document to Rapid Translate, and receive a certified translation as soon as possible. The cost is $27.99 per page.

The easiest option for you is to work with a professional document translation service like Rapid Translate that only employs professional translators.

In the past, if you wanted to obtain a certified translation for the USCIS, such as your birth or marriage certificate, you would have to find a certified translator in your city. Thankfully though, things are much easier now, and Rapid Translate is a 100% online certified translation service. This means we can cut costs, give you a great price, and return your translation to you in less that 24-48 hours, depending on how many pages you need translated. We charge just $27.99 per certified page.

No, a notarized document is not the same as a certified one. A certified document attests to accuracy, whereas notariation attests to the identity of the document signer. Notarized translations contain a stamp and signature of the public notary, a government representative.

Sometimes. A public notary may be allowed to notarize a document written in a foreign language, but they may choose to not do so. This is because of the risks associated with notarizing a document they cannot understand. So it is generally best to notarize a document after translation.

Online, of course :) Rapid Translate provides full notarization services, so you never have to leave your house. In the past, it was hard. Now, it’s easy.

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