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Academic Transcript Translation:
Certified & Notarized

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Fast Online English Translation of Academic Documents

US or UK universities accept academic transcript translations as long as they satisfy their criteria. Rapid Translate is a USCIS, American Translators Association certified & notarized translation service provider for official legal documents, including academic transcripts. Consider us as your official transcript translation service.

You can use our certified academic transcript translation services for applications to US and UK universities. We can also translate documents for other higher education purposes. We provide an accurate translation that meets the highest standards.

If applying for a green card, you must provide evidence of your education. This means you need to submit an English academic transcript. Rapid Translate offers an academic transcript translation service that is entirely online.

Languages We Translate

Have your school records translated into English from any language, including:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Arabic
  • Urdu
  • Italian and many more.

Your certified transcript translations are accepted for use in US immigration and visa purposes, green card applications, and university applications. In fact, we're so confident in our academic transcripts translation services that we offer a 100% guarantee of USCIS approval.


Get Any Document Translated in Over 60+ Languages

Rapid Translate Pricing

Rapid Translate offers low-cost college transcript translation services. We know official processes like visas, green cards, and college applications are expensive. Additionally, you'll probably need more than a certified transcript translation. That's why we insist on always being affordable.

At $27.99 per page, you can rely on Rapid Translate to translate academic transcripts and other official documents.

$27.99 Per page
  • 100% USCIS Acceptance Guarantee
  • Academic Transcripts Translated Within 24 Hours
  • Certified by a Professional Translator

Simple and Easy Process

Avoid complications associated with university applications and the visa and immigration processes. To make things easy, Rapid Translate's official and certified translations are 100% online. This means you don't have to look around for a notary in your city. Instead, simply upload your document and download a fully certified translated document within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About Academic Transcript Translations

If you need your academic transcripts translated, it’s an easy process. Rapid Translate can translate your academic transcripts as well as a variety of other official documents. Our linguists are ready to professionally and accurately translate your academic transcripts.

Using Rapid Translate to translate your academic transcripts is easy. Here’s how to do it:
  • Simply upload your transcript on our secure order page.
  • Choose the options that best fit your translation needs.
  • Our professional translators go to work to translate your academic transcript.
  • For documents three pages or less, you'll receive a translation from our professional linguists, usually within 24 hours. Please allow more time if you need a certified translation of documents over three pages.

We have simple, straightforward pricing. Rapid Translate translates your academic transcript for $27.99 per page. We consider a page to mean 250 words or less, and this count includes numeric characters. If relevant authorities or your educational institution needs your transcripts or an accurate diploma translated immediately, we offer expedited options.

An official transcript translation is an exact human translation of your documents by a professional translator. Friends or family or translation apps do not complete them, and they come with a certificate of translation accuracy. You may use Rapid Translate official translations for several official purposes. These include translations that USCIS, universities, courts, and other government agencies require.

When searching for the best translator for transcripts, you’ll want to find a site that commits to the following. Rapid Translate is the best translation service due to our commitment to service, confidentiality, and expertise in the field.
  • Language expertise. Ensure the translation service you choose specializes in the specific language pair that fulfills your needs. Rapid Translate specializes in over 60 different languages. Visit our document and languages pages for a complete list.
  • Qualified translators. Do your due diligence to ensure translators are qualified and experienced in the subject matter you require. Rapid Translate translators have extensive experience in academic transcripts, immigration documents, and other official court and government documents.
  • Human translators. There are certain language nuances and idiomatic expressions that machine translation tools cannot decipher. This is why choosing a service that uses human translators is important. Our professional translators are fluent in your mother tongue. We have a rigorous vetting process and only work with quality and experienced translators.
  • Customer Support and Confidentiality. We know that your privacy is most important. Especially when working with sensitive private information for legal purposes. Our website is secure and safe, and we have a strong commitment to confidentiality. If you need assistance with your documents at any time, please contact our customer service team. Rest assured that they will get back to you in a timely manner.

Customers receive a Rapid Translate certification on letterhead whenever they use our services. It is a signed and stamped certificate of translation accuracy for official use purposes.

You can request a notarized certificate of translation with your translated document for an additional charge. Our notarized certificates state that a qualified translator performed your document translation. Additionally, it certifies that the translation is accurate and complete.

Get Your Academic Transcript Translated and Certified, Delivered Within 24 Hours and Accepted by the USCIS


Meet Giuseppe.

Giuseppe is a high school student from Italy, soon to become an international student at a US University. He's excited to meet new people, explore a foreign country and visit new and exciting places. He is applying for an F-1 visa.

But his excitement quickly turned to anxiety as he started looking at all the document requirements for his visa. He has an Italian academic transcript from high school that he needs to translate into English. He is submitting this to his dream university, so he doesn't want to make any mistakes.

Giuseppe has decided that Rapid Translate is his best service because it's fast, cheap, certified and entirely online. Furthermore, unlike other online translation services, Rapid Translate can notarize his document.

Giuseppe's official academic transcript shows all his high school grades and classes, just like he needs for university enrollment. However, it's all in Italian.

So, in just a few clicks, he uploads his transcript. Within 24 hours, a professional translator translates, certifies, and sends it back to Giuseppe for downloading. It's that simple!

Have fun in America, Giuseppe.


Use Rapid Translate for all Your Academic Transcript Translation Needs

The smallest mistakes have serious consequences. This rings true for your most important documents. Don't leave your translations up to unreliable sources. Rapid Translate is accurate, precise, and quick. Our translation service translates your most sensitive documents, academic transcripts included. We also provide certified translations if needed. You've worked hard for your grades, and our certified translation experts ensure precisely translated transcripts. We guarantee your translated document is 100% accurate and error-free.

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